Antec Veris A/V Component Cooler Review

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The Veris family is a new line of personal home theater multimedia components made by Antec. Currently, the series contains only five products, but more are expected. Up for review today is the Veris A/V cooler, an ingenious accessory for… Go To Full Article

Enermax Infinity 720W Power Supply Review

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Enermax is power supply brand that differentiates itself on features and appearance. Both are good qualities, but power efficiency is something it should improve upon. A power efficient PSU that is difficult to use isn't much good, and the same… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-C32 Case Review

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Lian Li are well known for their prowess at forging PC cases from aluminium. We’ve seen their desktop towers, and so today I have a horizontal desktop enclosure with the possibility of it being mounted in a server rack.… Go To Full Article

TechPowerUp releases GPU-Z, help identify your Video Card

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GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU. Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling introduces new case - Silentium T ECO 80

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The eco friendly PC case with thermodynamic optimized design Pfäffikon / Switzerland, 05.10.2007. The Swiss cooling solution provider – ARCTIC COOLING has launched… Go To Full Article

Computer Controlled Cat Door

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This is Flo. Her job is testing our image recognition algorithms, although she might not be aware of this. She goes in and out of the house through a cat door.She also has a habit of catching various animals, dragging… Go To Full Article

70% of Computer Repair Companies Don't Know What They're Doing

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CBC Marketplace did a kickass hidden camera investigation into computer repair companies and found only 30% were able to correctly diagnose their problem. Go To Full Article

Crysis single player demo is DX10

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We got a confirmation that Crysis beta multiplayer is actually a version for Windows XP and therefore supports only DirectX 9. A few sources have confirmed that if you want to see the real thing than you will have to… Go To Full Article

Unreal Tournament 3 gets system specs

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Midway and Epic games have issued the PC hardware requirements for the upcoming Unreal Tournament sequel. Everything sounds nice, except the graphics card requirements, which are a bit strange. Take a look for yourself. Go To Full Article

Geforce 8800 GT has two parts - 256/512Mb

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Nvidia product strategy is quite clear this time. It will launch two Geforce 8800GT codenamed D8P / G92 one with 256MB and one with 512MB. Nvidia has told its partners that the 512MB version will cost between $229 and $249… Go To Full Article

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