Team Group Xtreem DDR3-1866 2GB Memory Kit

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While DDR2 isn’t dead yet, DDR3 has now been given the full go ahead. Intel will no longer support DDR2 on its upcoming Core i7 platform, rather going with Tri-Channel DDR3 only. And AMDs move to DDR3 is evident with… Go To Full Article

XFX GTX 280 XXX Video Card Review

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Today the XFX GTX 280 XXX video card is up for review. This is the factory-overclocked version of the GTX 280 we looked at a few months back. The card shares the same features in common with the factory clocked… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Xaser VI MX Mid Tower Case Review

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Xaser is a familiar name when it comes to cases and Thermaltake products. The Xaser has gone over so well that Thermaltake has redesigned it once again. After four generations of the Full Tower Xaser, Thermaltake gave the Mid Tower… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Armor+ MX Review

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Excellently designed and engineered, the Armor+ MX is both stylish and functional. It also has several tried and tested features, such as the removable hard drive cage and the tool-less optical drive bays and expansion slots, and… Go To Full Article

Palit Geforce 280 GTX

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Among the highest performing video cards currently available is the GTX 280, as it is currently the most powerful single card on the market. Michael Lynch takes this bad boy for a spin to show you how well this video… Go To Full Article

Mushkin Black Ascent 2x1GB DDR3-1800 Review

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With the Black Ascent 2 x 1 GB DDR3-1800 memory kit mushkin presents DDR3 memory which is optimized for high-end systems. For about CHF 500.- you get two 1 GByte modules which can be driven at 1800 MHz… Go To Full Article

STALKER: Clear Sky Tweak Guide

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Since STALKER: Clear Sky is not dramatically different to the original STALKER in many respects, much of the customization and tweaking advice in Clear Sky is the same as that in Shadow of Chernobyl. However because there are two entirely… Go To Full Article

Scythe Zipang CPU cooler

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While the Scythe Zipang isn't broken, its abysmal thermal performance combined with a Hulk-like rage inducing fitting procedure and a price tag steeper than Nvidia's stock decline make this one of the worst coolers we've looked at in recent memory.… Go To Full Article

Super Talent Launches Fast New SATA-II SSDs

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Super Talent Launches Fast New SATA-II SSDs Support up to 170MB/sec Read and 130MB/sec Sequential Write Speeds San Jose, California – September 16, 2008 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of…

First True 3D Processor Created, Runs at 1.4 GHz

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While quantum computers and fiber optic computers are certainly ideal candidates for a silicon PC replacement, they remain in the distant future. In the meantime, one key unexploited domain, which may give silicon a stay of retirement, is 3D chip… Go To Full Article

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