Wireless Synchronization Between Your PC & HTPC

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If you have a HTPC, chances are it is already part of your home network for general internet use. However, there are many other benefits of joining it to your network. This latest guide will focus on one in particular… Go To Full Article

MSN Censors Your Instant Messages

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Jamie ran across a story about censorship on MSN. Essentially, a number of suspicious strings result in silent failure of delivery. The strings are unsurprisingly things like .scr and .info. They've started maintaining a list if you're interested. Personally, I'd… Go To Full Article

[M] Revoltec Zirconium RT-101 ATX Case Review

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Revoltec introduces a new enthusiast minded enclosures at a very affordable price, we test their mid-sized Zirconium RT-101 which features a classy front panel and 120mm cooling fan, stress testing it with high end VGA cards, as well as mid-range… Go To Full Article

SunbeamTech UV UFO Acrylic Cube Case Review

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Well Sunbeamtech have been around for a few years and have offered some great products, from cases, to lights and even lighted feet for your case. Also they are responsible for the Tuniq cooler under the brand… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Stacker 830 Evo II (830 SE) Case Review

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The new Coolermaster Stacker 830 Evo II (830 SE) is the next PC Case in the Technic3D Editorship. See you in the following Review which qualities and Features the new revision from the High-End Tower for Water Cooling presents.… Go To Full Article

Antec Nine Hundred Case Review

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Today we are going to take a look at the Antec Nine Hundred gaming case. This is a mid-tower ATX case with the capability of using ATX and uATX motherboards. With this case, any gamer or regular computer… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Milo ML02 HTPC Case Review

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Over the years of looking at SilverStone products we have seen a wide variety of cases and with all of them they've sported top-notch construction, excellent designs with useful features, and with each new model their products only seem to… Go To Full Article

Single core still rules the gaming world

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In the everlasting battle of AMD versus Intel, currently Intel has the nod with 53.19% of all users on steam, while AMD held 46.80%. However, results do not sound so good for Intel, since 76.06% of all users own a… Go To Full Article

PC Case mod - Build Into Hifi Rack

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It's a EPIA M10000 motherboard,and a Dell 2400(rewired) 24 point switch, crammed into an Shelftop stereo box! Go To Full Article

64-bit PCs: Drivers wanted

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Microsoft is requiring those device manufacturers to develop 64-bit drivers if they want their devices to work with the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista, in an effort to ensure that device drivers are written to proper standards. But hardware vendors… Go To Full Article

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