Intel Core i7 Officially Launched, Benchmarks Inside

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Intel Core i7 Officially Launched, Benchmarks Inside In a few weeks you can find a brand new Intel CPU at your local hardware shop,… Go To Full Article

Intel Roadmaps Leaked

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We have Intel's latest (as of October, 2008) internal roadmap for their mobile platforms. Let's start with the mobile processors under Intel's "Performance" segment. Go To Full Article

Doom9 Researchers Break BD+

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BD+, the Blu-ray copy protection system that was supposed to last 10 years, has now been solidly broken by a group of doom9 researchers. Earlier, BD+ had been broken by the commercial company SlySoft. Go To Full Article

Windows 7 smaller, faster than Vista

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Following Microsoft’s claims that 7 ran well on a Lenovo S10 netbook, Joanna Stern at Laptop Mag stuck the OS on an EeePC 1000H and *shazam*... it installed. Well, not only did it install but it seems like it actually… Go To Full Article

AMD Pifast and Superpi 1M broken by Titon

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In these days of complete Core I7 madness, we also have some news of the AMD overclocking front as a member of the Team Ironmods benchmark team, Titon, managed to set world records with his AMD Phenom X4 9950BE processor… Go To Full Article

Core I7 (almost) hits 5GHz on dry ice

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On the OCXtreme forums you can now see the first results of the Core I7 being overclocked on dry ice by Coolaler. 5Ghz screenshot stable, 4,7GHz Lavalys Everest stable Go To Full Article

Nvidia forced to disable chipset PCI prefetch

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As the story goes, Nvidia has infringed a patent regarding to PCI prefetch that OPTi holds and although OPTi no longer makes PC chips, they now license intellectual property. The problem in this case is that Nvidia didn't come out… Go To Full Article

Nvidia working on dual GPU card for December

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Our Far Eastern sources have confirmed that Nvidia is talking about a dual-chip solution that might come in December. We are not sure which chip is behind this dual-card story, but it has been rumored that there… Go To Full Article

Core i7 listed in Europe, cheapest at €378

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Intel's Core i7 has just been listed in Europe and the lowest price currently stands at €378. We're talking about the Core i7 920, a 2.67GHz 45nm quad-core Bloomfield. It has a 130W TDP, Tripple Channel DDR3-1333… Go To Full Article

Intel to launch three CPUs on November 30th

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Nehalem will officially be available from the 17th of November while it will be listed for resellers as of the 16th. Shortly after then, on November 30th, Intel is planning to launch three new 45nm Core 2 architecture-based products.… Go To Full Article

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