Abit unveils Hybrid SLI motherboard

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ABIT HAS UNVEILED its newest motherboard, the A-N78HD, for AMD Socket AM2+/AM2 processors. It is the first Abit mainboard to support Nvidia’s Hybrid SLI technology, and is based on that company’s Geforce 8200 chipset. Abit says that… Go To Full Article

GeForce 9600 GSO to be released to counter HD 3830

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Nvidia is planning to launch the GeForce 9600 GSO GPU in May to compete with AMD's Radeon HD 3830, according to sources at graphics card makers. The GeForce 9600 GSO will based on the company's G92 GPU… Go To Full Article

India becoming too expensive for tech firms

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OUTSOURCING TO INDIA may soon become a thing of the past for small to mid-sized technology firms, due to the increasing costs of rent, salaries and a looming end to the government’s tax holiday. India’s technology, and… Go To Full Article

Dell 22-inch Crystal LCD monitor review

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Dell’s newest 22-inch display—one remarkable enough to win attention and awards at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show—retails for $1,200 dollars. Go figure, then, that it’s called the Dell Crystal, although the Dell Diamond works too. Because when you buy this… Go To Full Article

Singing Tesla Coils

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When you think of things related to science, music may not make the top of your list. But the folks involved with a small collective called ArcAttack would like you to change your associations. ArcAttack is all about one thing:… Go To Full Article

German whizzkid got it wrong: NASA

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It was an incredible tale of a German schoolboy spotting a miscalculation by the US space agency, proving the chances of an asteroid hitting the Earth were higher than initially believed. (Advertisement) But the amazing story… Go To Full Article

Assassin's Creed - First DX10.1 Title?

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The impact that DX10.1 has is quite frankly greater than expected. A 20% improvement in AA performance is very impressive. GPU refreshes have been built around lesser gains. Based on the game's behavior it's possible that Ubi are doing their… Go To Full Article

IGP Power Consumption - 780G, GF8200, and G35

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Our quick look today is by no means a comprehensive review of system power consumption; instead, we are providing an additional focus on the power requirements of the three latest IGP solutions available in the market. We felt like this… Go To Full Article

AMD says 45nm production starts in summer

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AMD’s Chief Financial officer has pre announced that AMD is on plan to start 45nm production with mature yields this summer. Robert J. Rivet Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at AMD did caught… Go To Full Article

How to make a Sawed-off USB Key

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It's no secret that there are a lot of strange USB devices out there, particularly flash drives. Not a comprehensive list, but we've sure seen Lego, twigs, action figures, bowling balls, sushi, anatomical parts, transparent drives, erasers, cassette tapes and… Go To Full Article

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