AMD's Opteron hits 3.2GHz

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The situation in the desktop is close to desperate for AMD as it can hardly keep pace with the third highest clocked Core 2 Duo CPU, and there are several quad core chips - either high clocked expensive ones or… Go To Full Article

Sun Announces New UltraSPARC T2 as "World's Fastest Microprocessor"

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Sun Microsystems will announce today a new microprocessor that it boasts to be “the world’s fastest.” The new processor, officially termed UltraSPARC T2, is the successor to the company’s UltraSPARC T1 – with several improvements and architectural changes. Go To Full Article

Laptop survives 5min in 300°C Oven

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It's 2:30 in the afternoon. I just got home from class have tons of work to do before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday and I nearly lost my computer. It was cooked. In the oven. At roughly 300 degrees.… Go To Full Article

Spire Power Products SLI Certified

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Spire Power Products SLI Certified Chino, California, August 01, 2007 – Spire is pleased to announce that their RockIT SP-100W Modular Power Supply Unit has received the official NVIDIA SLI Certification. The RockIT 1000W… Go To Full Article

AMD prepares more price cuts

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The Athlon 64 X2 4000+, the 4200+ and the X2 4400+ will all have their prices cut. The firm isn't saying by how much yet, however. Yesterday the firm also cut the prices of some of its older, Rev E,… Go To Full Article

WD reports loss for 2nd quarter of 2007

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Western Digital announced a loss of US$21 million on $187.2 million in revenue, compared to a profit of US$40.3 million on US$233.6 million in revenue for the second quarter of 2006. WD blamed market pressure as well… Go To Full Article

Intel working on enthusiast features for X38

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Extreme Memory is similar to Nvidia's SLI memory technology, but it will only work with DDR3 modules and there won't be any support for DDR2 memory at all. The good news is that Extreme Memory will also be available for… Go To Full Article

Notebooks Drive European PC Shipments

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Shipments totaled 11.2 million units in the second quarter, with Germany, France and the U.K. accounting for nearly half of the units. In the U.K., shipments increased 8 percent year over year to 2.1 million units. Consumer purchases of notebooks… Go To Full Article

Ultra Announces X3 600W Energy Efficient Modular PSU

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Ultra pulls out all of the stops for their latest power supply. By combining our "EE" (Energy Efficient) platform, which converts as much as 85% of AC power into DC power during typical loads, with a quiet 135MM ball bearing… Go To Full Article

Homeland Security's latest non-lethal weapon: the pukelight

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Someone in Homeland Security's R&D department must have a sense of humor, because the agency is hoping to soon deploy an LED flashlight that causes uncontrollable vomiting. Go To Full Article

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