A Trio of Midrange Laptops

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There are differences between the three midrange laptops in some of the titles, but most of these differences are pretty insignificant compared to the large elephant standing over in the corner. That large elephant is represented by the P-7811, which… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon X2 6500 Compared to X2 5400+ and Intel E5200

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Rivatuner 2.11 released

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Rivatuner has been updated towards version 2.11 In this release we have included a huge number of new stuff to keep you busy, obviously support has been added as well as ForceWare GeForce drivers up-to 177.98 and AMD ATI Catalyst… Go To Full Article

Thermalright to ship limited quantity of Full Copper Ultra-120 Heatsinks

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Thermalright to ship limited quantity (3000) of Full Copper Ultra-120 Heatsinks The TRUE Copper Utra-120 Extreme will weigh approximately 1.8kg and will sell for ~99USD Next Month.

Corsair Dominator DDR2 4GB PC2-8500 RAM Kit Review

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When Windows Vista was released, we were suddenly forced to rethink our standards for minimum memory in a system. With the current versions of Windows XP, 512MB or RAM could get you by, 1GB was considered the… Go To Full Article

J&W's MINIX 780G mini-ITX HTPC mobo

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It's certainly not perfect - the BIOS is mostly there but it really needs some work, it still needs some airflow on its passive heatsinks, and the AMD drivers are temperamental but these are minor irritations or teething troubles only.… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 Review

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It took 1.39 volts to get to 4050MHz but to go higher Prime stable required ridiculously high voltages. I dont mind pushing it but when running LinPack the temperatures spiked to 110 degrees right off the bat with the volts… Go To Full Article

Team Group Xtreem DDR3-1866 2GB Memory Kit

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While DDR2 isn’t dead yet, DDR3 has now been given the full go ahead. Intel will no longer support DDR2 on its upcoming Core i7 platform, rather going with Tri-Channel DDR3 only. And AMDs move to DDR3 is evident with… Go To Full Article

XFX GTX 280 XXX Video Card Review

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Today the XFX GTX 280 XXX video card is up for review. This is the factory-overclocked version of the GTX 280 we looked at a few months back. The card shares the same features in common with the factory clocked… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Xaser VI MX Mid Tower Case Review

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Xaser is a familiar name when it comes to cases and Thermaltake products. The Xaser has gone over so well that Thermaltake has redesigned it once again. After four generations of the Full Tower Xaser, Thermaltake gave the Mid Tower… Go To Full Article

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