SteelSeries Ikari Optical and Laser Mice

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Optical was around first; and has been since the 1980s. It’s older than most people realize, but it’s certainly come a long way. Optical sensors are in most modern mice that use LEDs to illuminate the patch of surface under… Go To Full Article

Foxconn X38A Digital Life

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Upgrading your rig can be such a pain can't it? Trying to figure out where technology is headed so you don't waste your money on obsolete garbage. With the speed at which progress takes place it is no wonder that… Go To Full Article

ASUS EAH3870 Top Video Card Review

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Today we are checking out the ASUS EAH3870 Top video card powered by the ATI HD 3870 GPU. This card is factory overclocked for higher performance right out of the box. I was happy with the performance of the… Go To Full Article

Windows Vista Crash Recovery and Repair Installs

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PCSTATS explains what you need to know to bring a crashed Vista PC system back to life. When Windows Vista fails and won't boot, separate the hardware from the software and get it fixed with the help of this Beginners… Go To Full Article

Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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Sometimes it is difficult to say exactly which company is responsible for what. Take for example the patented Core Fan idea we first saw implemented on our Sunbeamtech Quarterback case review. Now we find that same technology applied to the… Go To Full Article

MSI P35 Platinum Combo

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we evaluate the features and performance of MSI's P35 Platinum Combo motherboard. As its name implies, this board is based on the P35 chipset for the Intel platform. But what makes it interesting is its somewhat unique ability to work… Go To Full Article

Evo-G MP1 Review

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With so many different types of PC related products available, it's not surprising that many manufacturers go a little unnoticed in certain circles. That's why being a reviewer is interesting, as we get the latest and greatest from the big… Go To Full Article

EVGA GeForce 9600 GT SSC 512 MB

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EVGA's e-GeForce 9600 GT SSC comes at increased clocks compared to the NVIDIA reference design. Also the cooler has been adjusted slightly to match the company's color theme and design. With a price premium of just $10 over the reference… Go To Full Article

Qimonda launches Aeneon XTUNE DDR3 series

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Qimonda brings enhanced memory performance to NVIDIA nForce 790i SLI platform with new power efficient Aeneon XTUNE DDR3 series Munich, Germany, March 20,… Go To Full Article

AMD NOT cutting jobs

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Two separate AMD spokespersons denied to BetaNews this afternoon published reports that the company was already implementing a five percent workforce reduction, and that employees were already receiving pink slips. "AMD confirms that it has not had… Go To Full Article

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