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Over the last six months the idea of going green with each motherboard manufacturer has picked up. Ideas and thoughts of a cleaner and greener PC industry are now taking hold. GIGABYTE can be thanked for kicking this off. Not… Go To Full Article

Palit Radeon HD 4870 X2 Videocard Review

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Today PCSTATS is testing Palit's latest videocard, the Radeon HD4870X2, sporting a pair of ATI/AMD's powerful 4870 (Radeon 770) GPUs. This dual slot card is intended to provide gamers with the power of a dual video card Crossfire setup in… Go To Full Article

NZXT Khaos - Evolution of the PC chassis

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As PCs found their way into more homes, they quickly became a staple of modern life. And like most things in modern life, what worked yesterday won't work today. This not only includes components like faster CPUs and video cards,… Go To Full Article

15 USB 2.0 Flash Drives Tested

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By now, few can deny the convenience of having a small size, high volume storage device that is able to travel with them in the same manner as a set of keys or wallet. I was first introduced to a… Go To Full Article

EA's Crysis-ready PC Costs $699, Specs Unveiled

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Following up on word that publisher Electronic Arts was readying a line of Crysis-ready PCs, more details, including pricing and system specifications, have surfaced. Priced at $699, the one and only Crysis Warhead PC was made with… Go To Full Article

GT212 is NVIDIA's Next Gen GPU

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Yesterday ELSA China held a channel meeting, talked lots of uninteresting stuffs there. But we noticed ELSA showed a new NVIDIA graphic card roadmap! So,according to the roadmap, we are going to see GT206 coming out in… Go To Full Article

Akasa's PowerMax 1000W Gaming PSU

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At £115 this is an incredible price for a 1,000W PSU, but we have to admit that originally alarm bells started ringing whether this was one of those "1,000W too good to be true" bargains. However, having tested it we… Go To Full Article

STALKER: Clear Sky Performance Review ~ 11 Video Cards Compared

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In higher resolutions at least, the graphics cards with a lot of video memory can beat their less equipped competitors. The Geforce 8800 GTX for example is 14 percent faster than the 9800 GTX+ at 1,680 x 1,050. AMD's HD… Go To Full Article

Top Aussie newspaper writes an article about overclocking Team.AU

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While some toil for hours in a garage souping up their cars, Dino Strkljevic spends his free time with liquid nitrogen in his computer room trying to build the fastest computer in the world. Most people quiver at the… Go To Full Article

XFX GeForce GTX 280 and 260 XXX Edition

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We think the most significant improvement that we’ve found with the XFX GeForce GTX 280 XXX compared to the XFX GeForce 260 XXX was in Age of Conan. In every game (save for Crysis) the XFX 260 XXX was able… Go To Full Article

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