AMD Barcelona rumored to hit stores 10 September

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K10, Barcelona should start selling in channel after the launch in September. Some OEMs might get them in August but most of the CPUs will go on sale in September. We learned that Barcelona will sell up to 2.4 GHz… Go To Full Article

Fujitsu planning on shipping 1.2TB laptop hard drives in 2010

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Fujitsu says it has successfully demonstrated the ability to perform basic read/write capability of each individual nanohole of the patterned media using a typical flying head on a rotating disk. That breakthrough could lead the company to produce hard drives… Go To Full Article

Google Mistakes Own Blog for Spam, Deletes It

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The problem? Google had mistakenly identified its own blog as a spammer's site and handed it over to another person. The change was first noticed by the Google Blogoscoped Web site, which noticed that posts on the Custom Search Blog… Go To Full Article

Use Laser from DVD Burner to build hand-held Laser Device

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Using the laser from a DVD burner, this instructional video shows you how to create a hand-held laser that is powerful enough to light a match and pop a balloon. There's some soldering involved and the Maglite's bulb housing needs… Go To Full Article

PCI Express 3.0 Set to Emerge in 2010, to Work at 8GHz

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PCI-SIG, the Special Interest Group responsible for PCI Express industry-standard I/O technology, announced today some of the key features of the PCI Express 3.0 interconnection technology, which is due to be deployed in 2010 and will have clock-speed of 8GHz,… Go To Full Article

ASUS P5K3 Deluxe WiFi-AP Motherboard Review

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The bottom line is very simple. This is an extremely solid performer and offers a great deal all around from the BIOS to the design. Everything about the board says performance and stability. Overclockers will definitely enjoy playing around with… Go To Full Article

Noctua Case Fan Review

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Many casemodders and enthusiasts are quick to overlook fan performance in favor of what happens to be freely available and why not? A fan is a fan right? Noctua doesn’t feel this is the case and has come up with… Go To Full Article

NZXT Lexa Blackline Case Review

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The Lexa Blackline is a nice looking rig. The window could be a little smaller, to hide some of the wire mess, but not a big deal. The red LED fans are a change from the blue ones most rigs… Go To Full Article

NZXT Precision Power 1000 Watt Power Supply Review

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The race to 1000 watts seems to be coming to a close as all the major players now have 1000 watt units in their arsenal. Not to be left behind is gaming case manufacturer NZXT with their Precision… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake TMG ND5 VGA Cooler Review

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So you’ve had your nVidia 8800 series video card for a while and you’re probably happy with the performance now that they’ve got newer and better drivers available for it. If only you could bring the temperature down a little,… Go To Full Article

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