OpenOffice tests show it's progressively getting slower

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Users wanting to break away from Microsoft Windows and Office have had little viable alternatives when looking for competing products. Many of those interested in something other than Microsoft Office have chosen the OpenOffice suite of software, which offers programs… Go To Full Article

Nehalem LGA1366 and X58 show up in Taipei

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MSI showed us how it is currently testing early versions of Intel’s next generation Nehalem architecture, which is based on the Bloomsfield CPU platform and Tylersberg chipset – the latter will be branded under the X58 nomenclature. … Go To Full Article

Wiping your disk drive clean

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Everybody who owns a computer will someday need to dispose of a disk drive. Before you do, it is a good idea to cleanse the drive, so no one can read your sensitive information. Deleting files and reformatting is not… Go To Full Article

GPS: Helping Create Bombs of the Future

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The United States governments calls upon the military and private contractors to help develop the next generation of military-grade technology, which often times includes weapons. During a trial run of a new weapon at the Naval Air… Go To Full Article

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. graphics get REAL

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These guys play popular S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game for real. They on purpose go to the Chernobyl area of the nuclear disaster explosion site dress in Stalker themed cloths and play, even involving armored vehicles and real guns. And that’s all… Go To Full Article

Intel Atom 230 (1.6Ghz) 4W TDP does SuperPi 1M in 92.766 Seconds

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FudZilla got a chance to test Intel's low power CPU dubbed the "Atom". Running at 1.6Ghz they ran a few benchmarks on the CPU which they called slow overall. Go To Full Article

Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 to sell for €400~450

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Just like any other American company, Nvidia plans to continue ripping the Europeans off and we believe that Europeans actually have gotten used to it. While Geforce GTX 260, the slower of two GT200-based cards will end up selling for… Go To Full Article

A linux cluster in a IKEA Helmer cabinet

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3D computer rendering are very CPU intensive and the best way so speed up slow render problems, are usually to distribute them on to more computers. Render farms are usually very large, expensive and run using ALLOT of energy. I… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte to apologize to Asustek

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Asustek took issue with the particularly strong wording used in the document and that Gigabyte failed to present independent test results. Problems also arose from the juxtaposition of an image of "blown" capacitors on an unidentified maker's product alongside an… Go To Full Article

ASUS HD EAH3870 Video Card Review

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The ASUS ATI Radeon EAH3870 is up for review today at Bjorn3D and I am ready to dive in. It is a 512 MB DDR4 card with plenty of bang for the buck. Actually we are going to find out… Go To Full Article

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