Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU cooler

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The front of the cooler is dominated by the 92mm fan which clips onto the part. The motor for this fan contains a PWM chip, which is used in conjunction with the four-pin connector to the motherboard to regulate fan… Go To Full Article

Company of Heroes DX9 vs DX10 screenshot comparison

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On a first-hand basis we also immediately noticed a difference in graphics quality with a much sharper, cleaner, and dynamic graphics. Sometimes it is definitely hard to tell if you play Company of Heroes zoomed out most of the time… Go To Full Article

Ultra X3 1000W ATX Power Supply

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The X3 is super efficient, using less electricity than other power supplies when providing power to your computer and it generates less heat. Cooling is substantial yet silent by utilizing a thermostatically controlled 135MM ball bearing fan and a honeycomb… Go To Full Article

High-speed SAS hard drive growth set to explode

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The demand for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard disk drives continues to pick up steam, fueling predictions by Gartner Inc. that 21 million 3Gbit/sec. SAS drives will ship during 2008, nearly double the 12 million expected to ship this year. Go To Full Article

HD DVD/Blu-ray Total HD Combo Discs Delayed to 2008

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In early 2007, Warner Bros. announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that it was developing a hybrid disc format that would be playable in both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD players. The dual format disc, called Total HD, was heralded… Go To Full Article

Galaxy 8600GT OC

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Having found the 8600GT cards from MSI to be great value for money, I was intrigued when asked to review Galaxy's overclocked version of the same card. How would it perform? And can it be overclocked even more? Let's find… Go To Full Article

Intel explains the Core 2 CPU errata

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At first Intel posted the details about these particular errata back in late April inside a Core 2 Specification Update PDF document, explaing how this error could cause memory leaks and ultimatively, lead to crashes. This was caught in testing,… Go To Full Article

Intel Reveals “Larrabee” Teraflop Processor

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Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors, has disclosed several details concerning its project code-named Larrabee. Apparently, the latter, despite of certain media reports, has no direct relation to Intel’s graphics processing unit’s development, but is a part of… Go To Full Article

ATI Midrange VGA Cards Tested - HD 2400/2600 Reviews Out

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ATI Midrange VGA Cards Tested - HD 2400/2600 Reviews Out Have not seen a price/performance chart yet, only place where the HD 2400/2600 series might outdo NVIDIA. Pure performance they are behind though. We've known about…

Enzotech Ultra-X CPU Cooler

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If the Enzotech does top our cooling charts then it will certainly prove the down-facing coolers can perform at top levels. On the other hand, if the Enzotech performs similarly to other down-facers like the Big Typhoon VX, the Thermaltake… Go To Full Article

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