Arctic Cooling PWM Fans

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Arctic cooling produces some of the worlds better heatsinks and their products can be found in many an enthusiasts humming rig. However heatsinks are not the only product they focus on, they also put a lot of R n 'D… Go To Full Article

Nexus NHP-2200 Northbridge Cooler

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Nexus has a really great product here. Their build quality is top notch with the performance to back up the beauty. Installation was a bit more involved than we would have liked to see but was easy enough. The smaller… Go To Full Article

Sparkle Calibre 8800 Ultra features 650Mhz GPU Core speed!

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May 2, 2007 - SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today proudly announces Calibre P880 ULTRA graphic card , powered by NVIDIA GeForce 8800 ULTRA graphics processing unit (GPU), the new flagship of the NVIDIA… Go To Full Article

More Details on AMD "Stars" Chipsets

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AMD plans to release its K10-derived Stars-family desktop processors later this year. The new Stars-family processors take advantage of AMD’s Socket AM2+, an updated Socket AM2 platform that adds support for the faster Hyper Transport 3.0 bus. AMD’s latest roadmap… Go To Full Article

ForceWare Version 158.22

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NVIDIA has released new ForceWare drivers today for Windows XP and Windows XP Media Center Edition. Along with support for the new 8800 Ultra, the new 158.22 drivers fix various game and application compatibility issues and also solves installation issues… Go To Full Article

Market of Graphics Adapters Collapses in Q1 2007

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The market of graphics adapters tumbled in the first quarter of 2007 and while sales of all market players decreased, Nvidia Corp. has several reasons to celebrate: it solidified its positions in the market of desktop discrete graphics adapters and… Go To Full Article

MSI P6N SLI Platinum

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Intended for the Intel Quad Core series of processors (though a Core 2 Duo will work just fine), the P6N SLI Platinum sports the latest in NVIDIA chipsets with the 650i SLI. That chip looks to take hold as the… Go To Full Article

ATI's R600 HDMI dongle revealed

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We asked around some of AMD's channel partners and managed to snag a picture of the dongle that will bring HDTV connectivity to the masses. So, without further ado, here is the adapter that is giving… Go To Full Article

1000W Power Supply Unit Roundup

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Today we are going to introduce to you the first batch of the most powerful PSUs in the today’s market: 1000W models from Cooler Master, OCZ, PC Power & Cooling, SilverStone, Tagan and Topower. Find out which one is the… Go To Full Article

Phenom will become new AMD Athlon

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AMD has big changes with K10, including a new brand. Over the next two weeks AMD will slowly begin to introduce its new brand name for high end desktop CPUs. The brand, Phenom, will succeed Athlon on all K10 offerings.… Go To Full Article

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