GMC R-2 Toast PC Case Review

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The GMC R-2 Toast PC case has very original (and patented!) concept for optical drive placement and loading. Instead of the traditional horizontally-positioned, tongue-like tray extension, the Toast, as its name implies, orients the drive vertically so that the optical… Go To Full Article

Aeneon Xtune PC2-8500 CL5 1066MHz DDR2 RAM Kit

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High speed, reduced latency, excellent graphic performance and cool design – this is what today’s enthusiastic gamers are looking for. Aeneon offers a brand new series of overclocking memory modules designed on the needs of the most demanding hardware enthusiasts.… Go To Full Article

Intel Demos Skulltrail Platform - X38 Chipset With SLI

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Intel demonstrated a dual socket gaming rig today at IDF, based on their Skulltrail platform with the X38 chipset. The interesting thing about this machine wasn't just that it had 45nm quad-core CPUs in its sockets and PCI Express 2.0… Go To Full Article

Ultra Products Giveaway at Modders-Inc

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Ultra Products and has teamed to bring you an awesome. Modders-Inc was able to kick it up a notch with 3 winners and the grand prize will be a total of all 3 great prizes worth over… Go To Full Article

More Nehalem, Penryn Announced

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With Nehalem Intel could conceivably go to an architecture with smaller L2 caches per core and a large L3 cache to feed all four cores on the same die. The QX9650 features four 45nm Penryn cores… Go To Full Article

Asus Blitz Extreme motherboard

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The Asus Blitz Extreme is quite worth its $290 to $300 dollar U.S. selling price. It could make a pretty good single GPU gaming rig and a more than decent office/productivity machine. More PCI-e lanes would have been nice, but… Go To Full Article

Intel's Stoakley platform and 45nm Xeons

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When AMD's "Barcelona" Opterons made their debut last Monday, we couldn't tell you about a sleek, black box nestled in among the other test systems in Damage Labs. Housed inside of it: an example of Intel's brand-new "Stoakley" dual-processor platform,… Go To Full Article

Otellini Speaks on Nehalem

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Nehalem will feature 8-cores on a single die and each core can process two threads, for a total of 16 threads per 8-core CPU. Nehalem processors will be comprised of roughly 731M transistors and feature a number of new technologies. Go To Full Article

Super Talent W1866UX2G8 DDR3-1866 Memory Review

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Super Talent introduced some of the first DDR3 memory modules on the market, and in this review PCSTATS is testing the companies' 2GB W1866UX2G8 DDR3-1866 memory kit. Super Talent has these puppies to running at 1866 MHz! According to the… Go To Full Article

New Nehalem and Penryn details from IDF

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New details have also emerged regarding the release schedule for Intel's "Penryn" family of 45nm processors. The first batch of new Core 2 desktop and Xeon server and workstation processors will debut November 12, followed by a second wave of… Go To Full Article

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