Cooler Master Black Label Limited Edition Cosmos Chassis

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1 in 500; take a look at it for a moment. Few concepts are able to draw such an emotional response like exclusivity. In our mass produced, stamped steel world, many go to extremes to show their individualism with custom… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master ATCS 840 Chassis Review

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Provided you have the room for it, and the desire for one of the best air cooled cases on the market, then the ATCS 840 is a hard case to pass up. What's even more impressive to it, though, is… Go To Full Article

EK Water Blocks FC-4870 GPU block

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Like all high-end graphics cards, the HD 4870 produces a lot of heat, and even ATi’s dual-slot cooling solution has difficulties keeping the card cool. One of the best ways to achieve quiet cooling for such a card is to… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Domino ALC Water Cooler

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During CES 2009 we could take a look on CoolIT Domino ALC (Advanced Liquid Cooling), an "all-in-one" water cooling system for CPUs that is coming with an impressive low price (USD 79) and, at the same time, featuring a digital… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Storm Sniper PC Case (FR)

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Cooler Master has decided to take control of the housing market Gamer. After an excellent HAF 932, we are entitled to a new line called CM Storm, which is produced by and for Gamers. The first jewel of this new… Go To Full Article

ECS Elitegroup GeForce 6100PM-M2 V2.0 Motherboard

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The funny thing about how expensive technology is, is that as soon as you buy something that costs $300, it�s automatically obsolete and is worth roughly 1/3 of the original price. Actually, it was pretty much obsolete the moment you… Go To Full Article

Tutorial: Lapping your CPU

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IHS or Integrated Heat Spreader is the visible top of a CPU that features the prints for processor type and manufacturing date. Usually this copper plate is more or less crooked when the processor leaves the factory and… Go To Full Article

NZXT Whisper Silent System PC Case Review

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In the quest for silencing a computer system, we often focus on noise sources such as CPU coolers and case fans. But what if the case itself can aid in reducing noise? NZXT, makers of a wide range of computer… Go To Full Article

Dragon Force DF-530GT 530W PSU Review (DE)

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The Dragon Force DF-530GT 530W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU Review with a very good price and a high efficiency. The Dragon Force have a 120mm fan and 2x PCIe 6-Pin… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II Dragon Platform Review

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Today we are looking at the AMD Dragon platform powered by the new AMD Phenom II 940 Black Edition. The 940 is one of the best processor bargains and offers lots of bang for your buck. AMD is keep… Go To Full Article

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