Apple files patent application for fingerprint sensor that can be transparent or opaq

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While Apple has flirted with biometric-based patents before, we've yet to see them implemented in real-world technology. That hasn't stopped it from filing yet another one though, as the latest application reveals a fingerprint sensor apparently embedded into the iPhone… Go To Full Article

Best Buy reveals Insignia Flex Tablet, 9.7-inches of Android 4.0

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It's been a little while since we visited anything from Best Buy's Insignia brand, but this new tablet from the retailer just caught our (or rather a tipster's) eye. Called the Insignia Flex, it's a 9.7-inch, dual-core 1GHz, Android 4.0… Go To Full Article

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review (PS3)

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The Tekken series was the first fighting game franchise that I fell in love with. I had played games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. before but when I first played Tekken 2 I was instantly hooked on it and… Go To Full Article

US can launch preemptive cyber strikes

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The US military is permitted to act pre-emptively if it detects an imminent threat of cyber attack. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta moaned to Reuters that under investment by America's private sector and political gridlock in Washington… Go To Full Article

Apple security software reveals Windows passwords

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Security software created by Apple is ideal for taking apart Windows machines according to a report from insecurity experts Elcomsoft. The software can turn over Windows computers sold by Dell, Acer, and at least 14 other manufacturers… Go To Full Article

Facebook makes Democrats like Mitt Romney

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Facebook software has been causing a large number of defriendings as it makes liberals look like they "like" Republican candidate Mitt Romney. For a while now, people who really hate the idea of being ruled by a… Go To Full Article

Megaupload successor nearly ready

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Kim Dotcom has announced that his new file sharing website is almost ready and he has designed it so that US authorities can't shut it down. Dotcom said that he has completed the 90 per cent of… Go To Full Article

Ellison's Empire is expanding

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Oracle's Larry Ellison appears to be expanding his business empire and wants to become a big player on the Big Content bandwagon. According to Reuters, Ellison, who recently bought a Hawaiian island, is trying to buy Anschutz… Go To Full Article

OCZ warns of 'significant' Q2 net loss

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OCZ's aggressive discounting of SSDs may have gone too far. The drive maker has lowered its revenue estimate for the second quarter due to the impact of "customer incentive programs" that include rebates and price adjustments. According to Mercury News,… Go To Full Article

Mozilla releases Firefox 16.0.1 to address four vulnerabilities

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Mozilla released Firefox 16.0.1 on Thursday in order to fix a publicly disclosed vulnerability and three other security flaws identified after the release of Firefox 16. Mozilla pulled down Firefox 16 from its website on Wednesday, one… Go To Full Article

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