Getting Your Girlfriend to Build Her Own PC

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When his lovely girlfriend Glenda needed a new PC, Jason Cross, who spends much of the week assembling PCs with the latest gear to test for ExtremeTech, decided he would let her build it herself. She gave him her list… Go To Full Article

Windows XP SP3 Released To Small Group

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In addition to the previously reported Windows Vista SP1 drop to testers, Microsoft has just recently (few days ago) dropped a copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 in the lap of the same small group of testers. Coming in… Go To Full Article

Modified Vespa Scooter with touchscreen, XP, and WiFi

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Are you ever cruising on your Vespa, listening to The Kinks, pondering the plot of Absolute Beginners, and fantasizing about Twiggy when you think, ''Hey, I need to check my email''? Well, you're in luck, because Quang Nguyen, a forward… Go To Full Article

Microsoft blocks Atsiv Vista utility to prevent unsigned driver loading

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Microsoft has acted to prevent the continued function of a free utility designed by LinchpinLabs. Up until now, Linchpin's Atsiv utility could be used to load unsigned drivers into the operating system's kernel. Atsiv itself used a signed driver, but… Go To Full Article

Official Vista "performance" and "compatibility" packs released

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Microsoft still isn't commenting on when a beta of Service Pack 1 for Vista will be officially released (our money is on November), but the company has posted two updates that are expected to be part of that final package:… Go To Full Article

Four Mainstream Cases, Asus, Coolermaster & Gigabyte

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We would like to introduce to you four new system cases in the mainstream price segment from Asus, Gigabyte and Cooler Master. We will discuss in detail their design, features, estimate the ease of system assembly and test their thermal… Go To Full Article

Interactive Intel processor product ID guide v2.0

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A new interactive product ID guide version is published to decode all current Intel CPUs. The Intel Core 2 Quad, Intel Pentium Dual-Core, Intel Pentium D, Intel Itanium 2 and the respective processor numbers are added for the… Go To Full Article

ECS G33T-M2 Motherboard Review

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ECS G33T-M2 motherboard features the Intel® G33 and ICH9 chipsets, which deliver outstanding performance to support Intel latest Wolfdale, Yorkfield, Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo processors, and dual-channel DDR2 memory up to 800MHz. Additionally, within high definition audio… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Triton 180 Chassis Review

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The Triton 180 offers a mostly tool free design, it can house up to 10 drives, and it includes two 12cm case fans with a washable intake dust filter. It’s definitely a great value for the money. Head on over… Go To Full Article

Win Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Soundcard Review

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Competition is world wide and open to all. Ends on the 21st of August at which point the winner will be picked at random. Admin decision is final. Go To Full Article

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