Sharp's laser to enable 6x, dual-layer Blu-ray laptop recording

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Sharp just introduced their latest, itty bitty blue laser. While maintaining the same 3.3-mm diameter of their previous package, Sharp's new GH04P25A4G semiconductor laser manages to boost the power to 250mW. That little trick should make 6x recording speeds to… Go To Full Article

Dell dumps AMD from web site

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DELL APPEARS TO have dumped AMD unceremoniously from it's web site, relegating them to the retail ghetto. This is not good for AMD, not good at all. Given AMD's woeful performance of late, it is hard to… Go To Full Article

Multi-Head freeze cooling now comes preconfigured

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BIOHAZARD Computer Systems, a niche US ultra high-end enthusiants' PC vendor, seems to aim higher than Alienware or VoodooPC, both now absorbed within Dell and HP respectively. Its rigs, going by names such as Nuclear Winter (the freeze ones) or… Go To Full Article

Powercolor HD 3850 AGP 512MB injects life into your old rig

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WITH PCI EXPRESS having become the standard for graphics cards over the past years – we could hardly believe our ears when ATI partners started announcing they were doing their own AGP thing with the HD 3850. We immediately bummed… Go To Full Article

E4700 and E2220 to launch on March 2nd

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Intel prepares to launch two new CPUs and this will happen just before CeBIT. Intel plans to launch the Core 2 Duo E4700 and E2220 processors on March 2nd. The Core 2 Duo E4700 works at 2.60GHz,… Go To Full Article

Nvidia partner to launch four 9600GT cards

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It's come to our attention that Nvidian partner is readying four 9600GT models, of which two will be passively cooled. All cards will be clocked at the reference speeds, but only two of the four models will offer HDMI with… Go To Full Article

Geforce 9600GT to launch with 1GB

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Nvidia plans to launch two version of the Geforce 9600GT. The reference design has 512MB memory but some partners will launch a bit more expensive 1GB version. Memory still plays an important role in consumers' minds and… Go To Full Article

Geforce 9800GX2 has two G92GTS

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We still don’t know the clock speed of the Geforce 9800 GX2, but we do at least know that it has two G92GTS chips inside. This means that the card will feature 2x128 Shader units, which promises some nice performance. Go To Full Article

Nvidia MCP78U to launch at Cebit

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Nvidia has cancelled Geforce 9200 brand for its MCP78U, and at the same time, Nvidia plans to launch these new chipsets at Cebit. MCP78H will end up branded as Nforce 730a and will launch on the March… Go To Full Article

Dell does Wireless USB

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Dell has quietly introduced the Wireless USB options in some of its notebooks. "Some of these notebooks" means that you can get Wireless USB in Inspiron 1525, Inspiron 1720 and the entire XPS gaming notebook line. Go To Full Article

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