AMD shipped a million Fusion APUs

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AMD has apparently managed to ship a million Fusion APUs in December 2010, ahead of the product launch. This is no small feat considering the launch timeline, as the first products started trickling to the market in… Go To Full Article

ADATA Superior Series S102 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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ADATA started to introduce speedy USB 3.0 flash drives to the market, one of them being the Superior Series S102 16GB model. These products have different read/write speeds depending on the capacity and thanks to their very high read speed… Go To Full Article

Asus GTX580 Direct CU II Review

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The high end sector only drives a small portion of income for nVidia and AMD, however it is important to be seen as dominant in this sector as public perception and confidence can drive sales further down the range. The… Go To Full Article

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C 1TB vs. WD Caviar Blue 1TB

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The Hitachi Desktar 7K1000.C and WD Caviar Blue 1TB represent the latest evolution in mainstream 7,200 RPM hard disk drives. While not as fast as high performance 7,200/10,000 RPM models or SSDs, they are fast enough, reasonably quiet, and very… Go To Full Article

ASUS & MSI Announce 6-series Motherboard Replacement Programs

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Let’s recap. Intel launched Sandy Bridge. Intel found a bug in the 6-series chipset, necessary for all Sandy Bridge systems. Intel issued a stop shipment on all 6-series parts. Due to some financial regulations, Intel had to make the stop… Go To Full Article

ASRock's E350M1: AMD's Brazos Platform Hits The Desktop First

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So, I’m sitting here, benchmarking away on ASRock’s E350M1 motherboard, which is armed with AMD's E-350 APU thinking to myself, “Man, this is a way better experience than any Atom-based configuration I’ve ever tested in Windows 7, but it's not… Go To Full Article

Western Digital Scorpo Black 750gb Laptop Hard Drive

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The Western Digital Scorpio Black represents a strong contender for "best laptop hard drive on the market" and is surprisingly affordable. Watch us put it through its paces, and see if it lives up to its potential. Go To Full Article

Dual-core Sandy Bridge CPUs due February 20

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Of course, since Intel doesn't expect to be shipping a high volume of 6-series chipsets for regular motherboards and PCs for another few weeks, having dual-core Sandy Bridge CPUs out in the market on the 20th won't do many folks… Go To Full Article

New MacBooks With Sandy Bridge Chips Possibly Due on March 11

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According to a pair of purported Best Buy inventory system screenshots, Apple could refresh its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks on Friday, March 11, 9to5Mac reports. At least that's when Best Buy is expecting to put them on store shelves,… Go To Full Article

Intel to unveil 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs at Computex 2011?

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Intel reportedly has completed the design of its 22nm Ivy Bridge processors and will showcase the new CPUs at Computex Taipei 2011 in June, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. Meanwhile, AMD has also accelerated the… Go To Full Article

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