Ai Technology Cool Silver Thermal Grease Review

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AI Technology has brought an excellent product to the market with its Cool Silver thermal paste. It outperforms the best in its class and is very easy to apply. It's also available for sale now and competitively priced at around… Go To Full Article

iStar S-9 Storm Series 4 Bay Hot-swappable Storage Server ATX Case S-9-H34

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Last week I took a look at a mobile rack from iStarUSA and found it to be an excellent quality product overall, today I've got another iStar product and I found it to be just as good. Today for review… Go To Full Article

GMC R-2 Toast PC Case Review

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The GMC R-2 Toast PC case has very original (and patented!) concept for optical drive placement and loading. Instead of the traditional horizontally-positioned, tongue-like tray extension, the Toast, as its name implies, orients the drive vertically so that the optical… Go To Full Article

Aeneon Xtune PC2-8500 CL5 1066MHz DDR2 RAM Kit

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High speed, reduced latency, excellent graphic performance and cool design – this is what today’s enthusiastic gamers are looking for. Aeneon offers a brand new series of overclocking memory modules designed on the needs of the most demanding hardware enthusiasts.… Go To Full Article

Intel Demos Skulltrail Platform - X38 Chipset With SLI

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Intel demonstrated a dual socket gaming rig today at IDF, based on their Skulltrail platform with the X38 chipset. The interesting thing about this machine wasn't just that it had 45nm quad-core CPUs in its sockets and PCI Express 2.0… Go To Full Article

Ultra Products Giveaway at Modders-Inc

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Ultra Products and has teamed to bring you an awesome. Modders-Inc was able to kick it up a notch with 3 winners and the grand prize will be a total of all 3 great prizes worth over… Go To Full Article

More Nehalem, Penryn Announced

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With Nehalem Intel could conceivably go to an architecture with smaller L2 caches per core and a large L3 cache to feed all four cores on the same die. The QX9650 features four 45nm Penryn cores… Go To Full Article

Asus Blitz Extreme motherboard

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The Asus Blitz Extreme is quite worth its $290 to $300 dollar U.S. selling price. It could make a pretty good single GPU gaming rig and a more than decent office/productivity machine. More PCI-e lanes would have been nice, but… Go To Full Article

Intel's Stoakley platform and 45nm Xeons

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When AMD's "Barcelona" Opterons made their debut last Monday, we couldn't tell you about a sleek, black box nestled in among the other test systems in Damage Labs. Housed inside of it: an example of Intel's brand-new "Stoakley" dual-processor platform,… Go To Full Article

Otellini Speaks on Nehalem

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Nehalem will feature 8-cores on a single die and each core can process two threads, for a total of 16 threads per 8-core CPU. Nehalem processors will be comprised of roughly 731M transistors and feature a number of new technologies. Go To Full Article

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