Personal Software Firewalls Mostly Useless

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More and more security researchs come to the conclusion that personal firewalls are ineffective in controlling outbound traffic. An article in the Mail & Guardian online mentions a test that 'showed that the software often causes more problems than it…

Logitech announces MX/VX Revolution Mice

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Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) today announced a revolution in PC navigation with two advanced mice that transform the experience of finding and manipulating the vast amount of digital content on a person´s computer or on the Web. … Go To Full Article

Leipzig Games Convention Movies

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Here's some game Trailers for the Leipzig Games Convention that are worth checking out! • Team Fortress 2 - Character Classes Trailer • Warhammer Mark of Chaos GC 2006 Trailer • Enemy…

CPU Waterblock Roundup

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That said, those blocks which have relatively low pressure-drop profiles would benefit in this setup because of the pump used, the Laing D5 which most of us know is a little beast. The correlation between increased flowrate and lowered C/W…

CoolMax CTG-1000 1000W ATX Power Supply

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The CoolMax CTG-1000 is certainly one powerful power supply, there is no question about that. It will provide more than sufficient power to almost any system out there, and honestly most systems out there don't need this much power. As…

Tiny, sub-$100 PC runs Puppy Linux

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A Bangkok-based company is shipping a tiny, sub-$100 PC capable of running Puppy and other lightweight Linux distributions. NorhTec's MicroClient Jr. measures 4.5 inches square, draws 8 Watts, and has a 166MHz Pentium-compatible processor with three integer units. It targets…

Prices for LCD monitors are on the rise

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Users looking for a new LCD (liquid crystal display) TV or desktop display will face stable to higher prices in coming months due to a recent sharp rise in demand. Free IT resource The price of…

3-D TV That Actually Works

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I entered a conference room in Manhattan and a woman on the TV tossed a handful of rose petals out of the screen, where they floated in the air before my eyes. At least, that's what I…

Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 11.1

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These days, there are so many graphics card models that it has become quite impossible to keep up with the different configurations. Therefore, we decided to compile this guide to provide an easy reference for those who are interested in…

AMD Guns for 40% of the Server Market

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AMD sees the potential for huge growth in its server processor sales in the coming years. The company is aiming to capture at least 33% of the server market by 2008 and as much as 40% by 2009 according to…

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