Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6

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Let's gloss over the fact that the X48-DQ6 wouldn't start with a Core 2 Extreme QX9770 installed. In essence it's a DDR2 version of the X38T-DQ6 with the same admirable build quality and that makes it a highly desirable motherboard. Go To Full Article

ASUS P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n Motherboard Review

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Intel has done an excellent job with their P35 chipset and it supports virtually every feature on the market with the exception of 1600MHz FSB CPUs and PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth, both of which are new to the market with… Go To Full Article

Beginners Guides: Safe Mode in Windows Vista For Crash Recovery

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The first step to recovering a crashed computer is Windows Vista's Safe Mode. Knowing this will allow you to deal with bad software drivers, determine if it's a hardware or software error, and fight off virus attacks. Safe Mode is… Go To Full Article

Micro stuttering may destroy the performance gains from current multi-GPU tech

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multi-GPU systems often do not succeed in displaying regular distributed frames; it comes to large time intervals between individual images - "micro stuttering" - despite supposedly fluid frame rates. One example: frame 1 is followed by frame 2 after 10… Go To Full Article

Internet Censorship's First Death Sentence?

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A journalism student in Afghanistan has been sentenced to death by a Sharia court for downloading and sharing a report criticizing the treatment of women in some Islamic countries. The student was accused of blasphemy and tried without representation. Go To Full Article

Inside Intel's Silverthorne ultramobile CPU

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As we've seen in photos comparing Silverthorne to a penny, Intel's new chip is a tiny 25mm2. At only 47 million transistors (about 40 percent of that is a 512K, 8-way set associative L2 cache), it's also quite lean. By… Go To Full Article

Ars reviews the MacBook Air with solid state drive

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What does $1,300 extra really get you? The MacBook Air is nice, but as we discovered in our in-depth review, not everything is sunshine and roses—at least with the hard drive model. But there's a higher-end Air as well—1.8GHz with… Go To Full Article

IBM shrinks Cell to 45nm. Cheaper PS3s will follow

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At an ISSCC session yesterday afternoon, IBM announced details of a smaller, lower-power version of the Cell BE processor that powers Sony's PlayStation 3. The Cell BE is currently fabricated on IBM's 65nm SOI process, but IBM will soon move… Go To Full Article

Samsung 245T: LCD Prime

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We like to think that after spending over $600 on a 24" LCD, users will get a high-quality experience. That may not always be the case, but at least with the Samsung 245T we have no qualms with recommending it… Go To Full Article

Ageia Goes Green: The Future of Ageia PhysX Discussed

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In a rather unexpected move, Nvidia Corp. took control over Ageia Technologies, the world’s only developer of physics processing units for video games. We decided to find out some more information about the future of physics processing and asked a… Go To Full Article

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