Man uses 35 cable modems to provide WiFi, sued by Comcast

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In Maryland, an individual that installs building-wide WiFi access in residential buildings apparently fed the wireless routers using 35 different Comcast residential accounts. Now, the cable giant wants its money back. Go To Full Article

Conficker breakthrough - Malware leaves a 'fingerprint' on infected machines

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Charles send us an extremely interesting mail today regarding the Conflicker Worm set to go off April 1st. --------- Busted! Conficker's tell-tale heart uncovered “Security experts have made a breakthrough in… Go To Full Article

AMD has no plans for Radeon HD 4890X2

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We've learned that despite the fact that Radeon HD 4890 will be more power efficient, at the end with 850MHz clock it will have max power consumption that will come close to 190W. This is of course, the worst-case scenario… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Threats It Could Ban Larrabee from Entering the Market.

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Nvidia Corp. claims that it could terminate its cross-licensing agreement with Intel Corp., which would prevent the latter from launching its first discrete graphics processor in ten years. Besides, claims Nvidia, Intel utilizes Nvidia’s intellectual property in every integrated graphics… Go To Full Article

SSD Update: Vertex Gets Faster, New Indilinx Drives

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When we last left off Intel’s X25-M continued to prove its worth as the best desktop SSD on the market today. But there was new hope in a small controller company based in Korea called Indilinx. Thanks to some quick… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 275 launched pushed forward to April 2nd (this week!)

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NVIDIA has been paying close attention to every move of its tough competitor AMD Radeon HD 4890. GeForce GTX275 won’t be available until April 13th according to our previous information. And later AMD brought Radeon HD 4890 launch forward to… Go To Full Article

Western Digital acquires solid-state drive firm

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Despite displaying a lukewarm attitude toward SSDs last year, Western Digital has taken a big step into the market today by acquiring solid-state drive maker SiliconSystems. The $65 million transaction is already complete, and SiliconSystems has become WD's Solid-State Storage… Go To Full Article

Nvidia considers porting PhysX to OpenCL

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Nvidia has so far guarded its GPU PhysX technology behind a large CUDA-shaped wall, meaning that anyone who wants to use it has to use CUDA too. However, the company has revealed that this may not be the case in… Go To Full Article

Motherboard with AMD RD890 Chipset Pictured

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This chipset is expected in the final quarter of the year and will only support AMD Socket AM3 processors with DDR3 memory. The RD890 will sport HyperTransport 3, two PCIe x16 slots and Quad CrossFireX with eight… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4670 CrossFireX Performance Review

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The CrossFireX tandem boasts superb scalability: the average performance gain over the single Radeon HD 4670 is 85%. The frame rate even occasionally grows up by 100% and more, like in Devil May Cry 4, Prince of Persia and Mass… Go To Full Article

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