Zalman Reserator XT Water Cooling System

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Zalman continues their reputation for quality products with the new Reserator XT. The Reserator line finally gets active cooling to compliment its passive cooling with positive results. The Reserator XT is built to be as quiet as… Go To Full Article

High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review

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Now that most manufacturers have tooled up for long-term DDR3 production, there are only a few companies still releasing high-performance system memory for the DDR2 platform. With the favored P35 and X38 chipsets already making waves, Intel is preparing for… Go To Full Article

Western Digital 750GB SATA-II Caviar RE2 Review

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A hard drive aimed at the enterprise market and touted by Western Digital as being ultra-reliable and ideally suited to server and RAID systems. We take a look and see if it justifies its price premium over Western Digital’s standard… Go To Full Article

Baby-SATA Cable Mod

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The idea for this mod was born when I was assembling a computer: I noticed that the distance between the motherboard's s-ata connectors and the HDD was very short and due to that I thought it would turn… Go To Full Article

OCZ Flex XLC PC2-6400 CL3 review

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Eventually DDR3 memory will take over the memory market but it will still take a while before DDR3 memory adoption will rise - the price will have to go down first. One of the memory series you might want to… Go To Full Article

Zotac 8800GTX Amp! Edition

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It has been a good year for nVidia and its partners. The 8800 series has seen little competition, and even when it has, the 8800GTX and Ultra have emerged as the clear winners every time. Being almost… Go To Full Article

Gears of War PC Goes Gold

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PC Gamers Rev Their Chainsaws: “Gears of War” for Windows Goes Gold The Windows iteration of the massively popular and critically- acclaimed Xbox 360 blockbuster draws nigh; set to hit store shelves on November 6th in North… Go To Full Article

3DMark Next Min. System Requirements

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Processor: x86/x64 single core CPU with SSE2 support. Performance similar to Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz or better.<br> Display Card: Fully D3D10/SM4.0 compliant graphics card, 256MB<br> Memory: 1024MB<br> Free Disk Space: 2GB<br> Operating System: Windows Vista (Server… Go To Full Article

Gmail Upgraded to 4GB?

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"You are currently using 2109 MB (52%) of your 4027 MB." seems to be the case Go To Full Article

G.Skill PC2-6400 (2GBHK) 2GB DDR2-800 Kit Review

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G.Skill, great skill in memory world! Although it is our first contact with G.Skill, the name sounds very familiar and certainly known by many. Their mission is to provide superior memory products and satisfactory services in order to keep pace… Go To Full Article

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