Win a MSI 8600GT graphics card

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Recently Nvidia's G86 and G84 based cards have been doing the rounds on review sites and XSR was no different. However, we thought what better way to compliment our review of the 8600GT than to give one away in a… Go To Full Article

DDR3 vs. DDR2 - Performance tests on Intel P35 Chipset

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What this review does address is the performance of the new DDR3 memory that is launched with P35. The new Intel P35 chipset, known as Bearlake during development, supports either DDR2 or DDR3 memory. This presented a perfect opportunity to… Go To Full Article

EVGA and XFX trapped in legal war in Germany

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AFTER OUR COLLEAGUES from Hardware.Info broke the story that XFX GeForce 8600GT retail box comes with wolf slime containing EVGA's logo, European HQ of EVGA reacted strongly and won a preliminary injunction against XFX/Pine Technologies. Go To Full Article

Intel price reductions coming July 22?

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While AMD AM2+ processors are due out in Q3, Intel announced another plan on price reduction just 3 months after the previous drop on April 22. With a remarkable cut at 50%, AMD is facing another harsh battle with Intel. Go To Full Article

Motherboard Shipments Expected To Drop In May

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With the slow season affecting second quarter shipments more than expected this year, market sources predict May shipments should drop 3-5%, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report. Go To Full Article

Evercool Cool Wheel HDD Cooler

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ard drives are on of the things that most people don't think about when they think of cooling their computer, but they need to be kept cool as well. Take it from me, I've had a couple die on me,… Go To Full Article

A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor

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Overall I am extremely impressed with the performance of the A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor and really only have two rather small things to complain about. The first complaint is the poor quality of the built in stereo speakers… Go To Full Article

MSI GeForce NX8800GTX OC Liquid

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MSI on the other hand seems to use its own design which unlike the Tide Water looks to cool everything from the GPU to the memory and unlike the BFG Tech is an all in one system making it a… Go To Full Article

A Windows Cleanup Guide

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Just like your house needs cleaning on a regular basis so does your PC. Most users completely overlook cleanup of their PC. Now we are not talking about disassembly of your tower or laptop to clean the hardware, in this… Go To Full Article

ECS AMD690GM-M2 Motherboard

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With the purchase of ATI, AMD also got their hands on ATI’s expertise in chipsets and thus it is no surprise that AMD’s first own chipset, the AMD 690, is the chipset that ATI would have released last year if… Go To Full Article

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