ATI HD2600 XT 512Mb Video Card Review

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At the time of the launching of its news Radeon HD 2400 and 2600, AMD had let imply that freedom would be left to the partners on several points. If the memory first of all, which could be GDDR-2/3 or… Go To Full Article

Logitech diNovo Edge Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Review

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You could blow $200 on a lot of things, but how about on a keyboard? Logitech would like you to spend your green on what they call "The World's Most Advanced Keyboard". Is all that and a bag… Go To Full Article

Kingston DDR3-1066MHz Review

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Although the DDR2 standard reached its peak, its successor, DDR3, is slowly starting to and in time probably will take its place. We tested Kingston's DDR3 memory running at 1066MHz and tried to find out if you… Go To Full Article

MSI K9N4 SLI Motherboard Review

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New sockets and processors are slowly arriving to the motherboard market but the Am2 socket is still the most popular one. Today we are looking at an sample from MSI as they sent us their K9N4 SLI motherboard that seems… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Real Power M700 PSU Review

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For years, the name of Cooler Master has been heard around the computing industry. When I first heard of these folks, they were in the business of making OEM coolers for retail manufacturers. With the advent of the enthusiast niche,… Go To Full Article

Foxconn GeForce 8600GTS Review

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In this occasion we will review a card of the elite of the average sector, focused to the traditional and demanding market to gamer: the Foxconn GeForce 8600GTS. and even though this cradle in already known G84 with its 32… Go To Full Article

PC BioShock Outshines 360 Version

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The PC version definitely outclasses the Xbox 360, mostly because of the ability to crank the resolution to 1920 x 1200. If you've got a Vista rig with a DX10 card, you can expect some heightened particle effects, crisper real-time… Go To Full Article

Overclocking the G0 SLACR Q6600 to 4GHz

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Who doesn’t love a highly overclockable CPU? There isn’t many of us! Every once in a while we'll hear of a golden CPU from someone, this has been going on since the good ole' Celeron 300A days when 450MHz was… Go To Full Article

Zalman ZM-600 HP 600 watt Heatpipe Cooled Power Supply review

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Not everyone is building computers to sit on their desktop or next to their table, some of us are actually building computer to record and watch Television with it. When we do, we need a power supply that is far… Go To Full Article

Coolermaster Stacker modified to fit 47 HDD, total of 12 Terabyte

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Controllers I'm using to fill the pci slots, bottom 2 are 3ware 6800 8 ports, 8x200 gig drives each. Middle controller is a 3ware 9500s, 12x500 gig sata, 4th controller is a promise sx6000, top controller is a 3ware 7500… Go To Full Article

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