Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: The War of the Formats

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With hardware costs for both camps being relatively high, not to mention the fact that there are very few dual format players (LG recently brought the first to the market at the staggering cost of $1,200), most consumers are forced… Go To Full Article

New low-end GeForce 8500GT will have 128-bit controller

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On April 17th, things will change. Nvidia is set to introduce 8500GT, which will feature a chip with a full 128-bit memory controller, supporting either 256 or 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM memory. The GPU will be clocked 450 to 500MHz,… Go To Full Article

ATi Catalyst 7.3 Drivers Released

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Catalyst 7.3 includes Crossfire enhancements for Windows Vista that enable the Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) Crossfire rendering mode by default, enabling performance benefits for all AFR compatible applications immediately (including newly released applications that have not been officially profiled for… Go To Full Article

Intel Details New Processor Generations

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Marking the next step in Intel’s “tick-tock” product strategy and cadence to deliver a new process technology with an enhanced microarchitecture or entirely new microarchitecture every year, Intel Corporation will begin producing its next-generation Penryn family of processors in the… Go To Full Article

Unit Shipments, Revenues Down for Add-In Graphics Cards in Q4 2006

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Despite of loud talks about high-performance GeForce and Radeon graphics cards by their respective developers, the market of add-in graphics adapters was down both sequentially and annually in the fourth quarter of 2006. Even though there are logical explanations concerning… Go To Full Article

EVGA 680i LT SLI: NVIDIA's 680i Cost Reduced

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The real differences between the chipsets are the missing features on the LT chipset. These include the loss of two USB ports (10 down to 8) and a Gigabit Ethernet port. The DualNet teaming feature is no longer available but… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte n680-SLI DQ6 Overclocking Fun - Dry Ice/VapoChill

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Gigabyte enlarge its family of products with a new DQ6 motherboard with a 680i Chipset from nVidia. This chipset will compete with 975X from Intel and RD600 from AMD. The Taiwanese company switch to powerful weapon with… Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 Elite Officially Announced

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It should come as no shock that Microsoft has finally announced an upgraded version of the Xbox 360: the 'Elite'. The worst-kept secret in the videogames industry is now official, offering a 120 GB HDD, an HDMI port, and a… Go To Full Article

[M] HIS Radeon X1950 Pro IceQ3 512Mb AGP Video Card Review

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HIS brings us a highly overclocked X1950 Pro based video card with custom cooling for the AGP platform. Can it turn an aging system into a full blown gaming rig? Let's find out. Go To Full Article

Samsung sees DRAM prices falling, NAND flash rising

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Users looking for bargains in DRAM (dynamic RAM) for their PCs or laptops might see bargain prices within the next few weeks, but anyone looking for new USB (universal serial bus) flash memory sticks, iPods, or memory cards for digital… Go To Full Article

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