Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

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Arctic Cooling's MX-3 thermal paste is currently one of the best on the market and is favoured by many enthusiasts as it performs very well and is non-conductive. In fact, KitGuru uses MX-3 to test most of the CPU coolers… Go To Full Article

MSI 890FXA-GD70 AMD 890FX Motherboard Review

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Almost three years after the launch of their 7 series platform, AMD released their new 890 FX platform this past April. With us still running an 790FX in our AMD test bench, It's about time we upgraded to the newest… Go To Full Article

AMD redesigning Catalyst driver GUI

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In little more than a month AMD will unveil the first card of the Northern Islands family. Even though AMD will remain at the 40nm node the new family is expected to significantly faster than current cards, bringing AMD back… Go To Full Article

Spire pimps outs with BlueStar case fans, adds blue LEDs

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Spire has recently spiced up its case fan offer by introducing a quartet (80mm, 90mm, 120mm, 140mm) of BlueStar fans that come equipped with four crystal blue LEDs (each) so as to better cater to the enthusiast/modder markets. Go To Full Article

Corsair H70 High-Performance Hydro CPU Cooler Review

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The Corsair Hydro Series™ H70 and to a slightly lesser degree the H50 provide good performance for their price. Water cooling your PC has never been easier or more cost effective. With air coolers approaching $90 the H70 and H50… Go To Full Article

LCD Filter Could Make Screens 400 Percent More Energy Efficient

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A new color filter developed by researchers at the University of Michigan could enhance LCD efficiency by 400 percent. Professor L. Jay Guo and his team have created an optical film that both polarizes and colors the… Go To Full Article

Windows Phone 7 to Launch October 11

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Despite its rough edges, Microsoft's new smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7, is compelling in that it offers a fresh look. Much like Google's Android operating system broke from the mold of trying to clone Apple's iOS, Microsoft is offering… Go To Full Article

Oooooooooooo! $7,669 gaming PC has integrated Xbox 360

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Origin PC announced a new gaming desktop called "The Big O" today. If you're one of countless gamers wishing you could play Halo 3 and StarCraft II on the same rig, then Origin PC has your back; "The Big O"… Go To Full Article

Latest AMD FirePro card has six display outputs, costs $3,499

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Say hello to the new king of AMD's professional graphics lineup: the FirePro V9800. This freshly announced offering boasts 4GB of RAM, six display outputs, the highest overall performance of any FirePro desktop card released to date... and an appropriate… Go To Full Article

GELID Introduces Wing 14 UV Blue Case Fan

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Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions launches their first 140mm silent UV reactive waterproof blue case fan with multi-award winning unique Nanoflux bearing technology. The WING 14 UV Blue (140mm case fan) was added to the series of multi-award winning WING… Go To Full Article

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