Xbox 360 and LCD HDTV rolled into one

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The mod is not particularly complex. The Microvision 360's creator [PvP_LostKnight] only removed the working parts from the Xbox 360's case and mounted them to the back of the TV. A few of the inputs of the TV had to… Go To Full Article

Rumor: NVIDIA to skip GT200b, go straight to GT3x0 at 45nm

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It is said that NVIDIA possible cancel G200b and to release new G3x0. It will integrate 384SP and it will use 45nm technology. Its power consumption will cut a lot than G200. Its clocks will be improved to 850/2000MHz. It… Go To Full Article

Chip may speed up internet 100 times

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A TECHNOLOGICAL breakthrough by University of Sydney scientists could lead to people downloading the latest movie in a few seconds or chatting with small, cheap, video systems. The physicists have developed a revolutionary optical chip that could improve internet speeds… Go To Full Article

Powercolor adds 2Gb GDDR3 to their HD4850

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512MB DDR3 is pretty enough to feed HD 4850, but Powercolor have gone xtreme, directly push their non reference HD 4850 2GB. Ramdisk on VGA card, anyone? Actually Powercolor still uses AMD’s reference PCB, (you can see… Go To Full Article

How to recover ATI Radeon HD 4870 from bad BIOS flash

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In the past all (consumer) graphics card BIOSes were smaller than 64 KBytes. With the introduction of GDDR5 additional space was required for the memory training code. Since ATI could not fit that piece of code into the 64 KB… Go To Full Article

ASUS Maximus II Formula P45 Motherboard

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There are however a few areas in which the Maximus II may not be the best idea. Firstly the price. Weighing in at around £180, this is a very expensive motherboard for what is touted as a mid-range chipset. At… Go To Full Article

Corsair Dominator CM3X1024-1800C7DIN DDR3

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The Corsair CM3X1024-1800C7DIN modules certainly deliver on their promise of 1800 MHz frequency and timings at the required voltage of 2.0v which translated into a nice performance boost as you can see from the table above. Unfortunately,… Go To Full Article

Zalman GS1000 PC case

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Zalman has quite the reputation in the field of PC hardware, in the same way that BMW has quite the reputation in the field of cars. They both offer innovation, buckets of build quality, and for the most part, impressive… Go To Full Article

Tagan A+ CS-Monolize Case Review

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Having used many cases that I felt had good airflow made me skeptical of how well two giant 250mm fans would be able to balance the airflow in and out of the chassis while keeping the components from sitting in… Go To Full Article

Kingston 2GB DDR3-1600 HyperX DDR3 Memory Review

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Surprisingly, Kingston was a little conservative on the specs. The memory can operate freely at 8-8-8-24 timings as well as stock. This was achieved without any extra memory voltage. It's a nice extra bonus not in the specifications. Overclocking is… Go To Full Article

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