Dell shows off Nickelodeon PC netbook

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Dell today showed off a new line of netbooks for children, utilizing the Nickelodeon brand as it hopes to market the niche PCs directly to children up to 13 or 14 years of age. The No. 2… Go To Full Article

Headphone-oriented sound cards from Asus and Auzentech

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To drive demand, sound card makers have been forced to look elsewhere, turning their attention to improving fidelity. Good sound cards have traditionally offered superior playback quality to "free" integrated motherboard audio, and Asus and Auzentech currently make some of… Go To Full Article

MS: Why we can't drop support for IE6

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For technology enthusiasts, this topic seems simple. Enthusiasts install new (often unfinished or “beta”) software all the time. Scores of posts on this site and others describe specific benefits of upgrading. As a browser supplier, we want people to switch… Go To Full Article

Chevrolet Volt to Achieve 1l/100km or 230MPG in City Driving

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General Motors announced today in a public webcast that the Volt will be rated an an impressive 230 mpg in the city. The combined city/highway fuel economy rating for the Volt will still be rated at over 100 mpg.… Go To Full Article

Intel releases firmware fix their second generation 34nm SSDs

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The first batch of Intel's 34-nm SSDs suffer from a firmware bug. Most users probably wouldn't notice, unless they happened to set a BIOS drive password then either change or disable that password. Doing so renders the contents of the… Go To Full Article

OCZ Vertex beta firmware with background 'Garbage Collection'

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OCZ wanted some feedback from us on their previously hush-hush project: custom Indilinx firmware. Since they did not have the end-user flasher ready to roll, they passed us a sample that was pre-flashed from their lab. The internal firmware revision… Go To Full Article

Intel Six-core "Core i7-1000" Gulftown CPU Tested

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According to HKEPC’s test, Gulftiwn doesn’t bring much exciting performance improvements, especially in ordinary application tests such as PC Mark and Adobe Photoshop CS4. When compared to the quad-core Bloomfield, only the softwares optimized for multi-threading operation such as Cine… Go To Full Article

GeForce GTX 295 SLI Performance Evaluated in 15 Games

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Alas, the quad-processor platform made out of two GeForce GTX 295 cards is a complete disappointment. And this is not the first time that Nvidia’s Quad SLI solution is such a failure. The two earlier generations of this technology, based… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Specifications Compared

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Bill Calder, the corporate communications manager at Intel, admits that Intel has “a complex structure with too many platform brands, product names, and products brands” and has “made things confusing for consumers and IT buyers in the process.” He also… Go To Full Article

Nvidia licenses SLI tech for P55 motherboards

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If you grab an Intel Lynnfield processor and a matching P55 motherboard when they come out (likely September), you may be able to run GeForce graphics cards in tandem without issue. That's because Nvidia has licensed its SLI technology to… Go To Full Article

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