A little (m)Apple fun ;-)

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Enjoy it with the Simpsons

Intel’s CPU+GPU definitely delayed to Q1 2010

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Just as we suggested before, Intel’s Haveldale has been pushed to Q1 2010. This means Intel might be having some issues putting a GPU on a CPU, as this task sounds very complicated, and most likely is very complicated.… Go To Full Article

Intel Nehalem also has a TLB bug

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We were pointed out that Intel's Nehalem, the CPU that we know as Core i7 has TLB. TLB, three letters that have destroyed the sales of Phenom and Opterons based on 65nm K10 cores stands for Translation Lookaside Buffer and… Go To Full Article

Asus P5QL-E: a $100 Mainboard on Intel P43 Express That Looks Like a $200 One

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Today we are going to talk about an affordable mainboard on Intel P43 Express chipset that will challenge an expensive Intel P45 Express based solution from the upper price segment. Read more in our detailed review! Go To Full Article

Dell Readies Notebooks with Two Central Processing Units

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Dell plans to interoduce a notebook featuring two central processing units (CPUs), one from Intel Corp. and another based on ARM micro-architecture. The laptop will combine long battery life thanks to ARM along with high performance due to power of… Go To Full Article

Audiophile Journeys with a PC

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If you're one of those people in search of the holy grail of audio fidelity, there's no doubt that using a PC as a complete front-end solution has probably crossed your mind at one time or another. Saving your entire… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 9800GTX+ Comes with Custom Cooling

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Gigabyte 9800GTX+ Comes with Custom Cooling - Dual-link DVI - CineFX 4.0 Engine - Intellisample™ 4.0 - Microsoft® DirectX® 10… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Launches HD 4350

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Gigabyte Launches HD 4350 # Powered by ATI Radeon™ HD 4350 GPU # Supports PCI Express 2.0 # Microsoft DirectX 10.1… Go To Full Article

Hardware Reviews Roundup

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Some reading material to get through the Monday blues - AMD's 'Shanghai' 45nm Opterons review - Core i7 920 Core Disabling Performance…

ATI Radeon HD4830 drops under €100

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The lovechild of ATI engineers and AMD accountants, dubbed Radeon HD4830, has finally dropped under the €100 mark and started to make sense. So there you have it, if you're in the market for sub-€100 graphics, the HD4830 is the… Go To Full Article

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