Taskbar Shuffle - Move Those Applications On The Task Bar!

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Taskbar Shuffle is a simple, small, free utility that lets you drag and drop your Windows taskbar buttons to rearrange them. Here’s a full feature list: * Reorder your taskbar buttons by dragging and dropping them * Reorder your… Go To Full Article

ASUS Officially Announces Eee 1000HE Netbook

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ASUS is viewed by many as the father of the netbook. It was the first company to release a small, cheap notebook for consumers that quickly spawned a new category in the computer market. Netbooks have done very well with… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 940 2.93GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor

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Our today's article will be devoted to aspects not covered in the reviews of the Intel Core i7 architecture and its first representative Intel Core i7 920. Our readers might remember that we have evaluated performance of Core i7 920… Go To Full Article

Use Facebook to Escape Jury Duty

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Barry Price, a juror on a Hamilton county civil suit found out that comments on Facebook could cause serious trouble. Price was a juror on a case of a worker injured in a railroad accident seeking monetary damages for his… Go To Full Article

Next High End Video Card from NVIDIA Called GT214

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Nvidia is working on many 40nm chips at the same time and GT214 is the performance card that will come a bit later this year. According to our sources, this card should launch at some point in Q3, roughly a… Go To Full Article

AMD plans four new energy efficient CPUs - Quad core 45W and some 65W

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AMD plans to launch four energy efficient CPUs and all of them will be Athlon branded. The top performer based on Propus native quad-core without L3 cache at 2.5GHz and 2MB of L2 cache branded as AthlonX4 605e will fit… Go To Full Article

First Ever Extinct Animal Cloned

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In the realm of commercial cloning, trickled-down technology from this cutting edge field of research has allowed firms to offer pet cloning services. And in the realm of research, tremendous advances continue as scientists are hatching plans to resurrect extinct… Go To Full Article

Porn Interrupts Super Bowl Broadcast

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Tucsonans watching the Super Bowl got more action than they bargained for when a short clip from an adult movie channel interrupted Comcast's feed with full male nudity during the final moments of the game. Go To Full Article

Scythe Katana III spotted

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3 heatpipes, 92mm fan, special orientation, will be interesting to see how this 500gram unit will perform. # SCKTN-3000 JAN: 4571225043890 # サイズ Size… Go To Full Article

Eurocom launches Core i7 powered laptop

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INTEL'S Core i7 processor is about to be shipped inside a laptop by Canadian PC retailer Eurocom. According to Eurocom's website, its new beast of a laptop, the D900F Phantom i7 - weighing in at an arm-aching… Go To Full Article

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