Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler Review

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My first orb was the Thermaltake Golden Orb way back when the Abit BP6 was the thing to have. Imagine having to shave a bit of a heatsink off to have it fit on your motherboard. Those were the days… Go To Full Article

Mushkin 4GB Ascent DDR2 Memory Kit

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Recently we were contacted by Mushkin, who informed us about a new series memory products that was in the offing. This series of products called the Ascent, would be offered both in DDR2 and DDR3, have both 2 and 4GB… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Freezone Elite CPU Cooler Review

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Well we don’t know about you but the numbers that the CoolIT Elite posted are jaw droppingly impressive. Sub ambient temperatures under full load at stock speeds? That is simply impossible to do with water cooling no matter which way… Go To Full Article

Hiper Osiris ATX Tower Case Review

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The Osiris turned out to be one beautiful case. Hiper has really made an excellent product, with great attention to detail. It appears refined and polished, and in no way comes off as gaudy. No matter what side you look… Go To Full Article

Palit 9600GSO Sonic 768MB Review

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Although the 9600GSO is the newest addition to NVIDIA's ninth generation, it isn't exactly as new as one might think. The standard 9600GSO shares all of the same specifications as does the 8800GS, which came out in January of this… Go To Full Article

[M] SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB USB Stick Review

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SanDisk is known for their digital storage solutions, today we take a look at their compact 4Gb Cruzer Micro USB stick which sports a retractable USB connector and promises speedy transfer speeds. Go To Full Article

Computex 2008: Antec P183 & Sonata Elite

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The current P182 is actually its third iteration, following the P180 and P180B. There are also different size variants, the Extended ATX P190 and Micro ATX Mini P180. A refresh of the main ATX design is in the works, as… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon 4850 listed at €156

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The mentioned card comes from Sapphire and the price is the only info that you can get from The card will probably use the reference design and clocks as it is still too early for AIB partners to make… Go To Full Article

Intel USB 3.0 is Intel’s and no one else’s

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Intel has invested many money to develop USB 3.0 and apparently they got it really fast and right but there is a word going around Taipei that Intel simply don't want to share its open technology with its other chipset… Go To Full Article

Nvidia makes Physics free

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Roy Tayler, a very efficient Vice president of Nvidia the chap who could assassin any creed has told Fudzilla that Physic is free and that every Geforce 8 series card or newer can support it. … Go To Full Article

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