BioShock PC Version Widescreen Issues and Copy Protection

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As if 2K wasn't taking enough flak from yesterday's widescreen debacle, now gamers who have spent their hard-earned cash on the PC version of BioShock are finding that they can only install the game twice, ever. The game uses SecuROM… Go To Full Article

PCI Express 2.0 ups power to 125W for VGA card

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The key thing about PCIe 2.0 is that you can get a bit more power from the PCIe slot. The current PCIe 1 and 1.1 specification will limit you to 75W and it is quite obvious that you will need… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA G98 GPU is a mainstream chip

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G98 is the new mainstream part with enhanced and more wide memory controller, going head to head with ATi's own RV670. G98 is all that G83 (8600) was supposed to be, but failed to deliver. A while… Go To Full Article

Intel Yorkfield is a Ray-Trace monster

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The reason for this is because of the advances made by the RT group inside Intel. Daniel Pohl, author of Quake III and IV Ray-Trace demonstrations held a presentation that showed that Ray-Trace came from 4FPS in 640x480 resolution on… Go To Full Article

Asus shows off next-gen RD780 based AMD motherboard

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The company is readying its Phenom line-up with two upcoming chipsets, RD780 and RD790. We believe that these codenames will turn into real-world products under the name 780X and 790X, if the name convention from 480/580/690 remains the same.… Go To Full Article

STALKER patch adds 15% frame rate

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THE NEW PATCH out for Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl is every video card fanboi's mana from heaven - it adds a free 15 per cent performance boost, upping the FPS of every system out there. Numbered 1.0004 - just how… Go To Full Article

Graphic cooler can not be heavier than 480 grams

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Intel’s PCIe specification won’t qualify and won’t let you sell a graphic card cooler that is heavier than 480 grams. EVGA water cooler is some 450 grams heavy which is almost identical weight to Nvidia’s refenrece… Go To Full Article

First Geforce 9800 Samples to be shipped in September

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Nvidia is doing the final preparations in order to send the first samples of Geforce 9800 or something that we know as G92 to its high end partners and developers. Very few privileged people will get one that early and… Go To Full Article

Unreal tournament 3 comes in November

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Industry sources have confirmed that Unreal Tournament 3 is indeed going to be shipped this year. As you don’t launch the 2007 car in November the company decided to call the game Unreal Tournament 3 and it will ship it… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H AM2 Motherboard Review

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The Gigabyte GA-M69GM-S2H is a shining example of what AMD’s socket AM2 can be with a bit of good engineering behind it. The additional HDMI output will make it right at home in many living room boxes as well especially… Go To Full Article

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