LCD TV enters its artsy phase

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We're in the "fourth wave" of LCD technology, according to Samsung. Moving from the first LCD notebook screens, to monitors, to high-definition televisions, the next iteration of the technology is ... Thomas Kinkade? At… Go To Full Article

Sun Announces Its Own Line of SSDs

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Sun announced that it will offer its own line of SSD drives later this year intended to give users of its hardware and software improved performance, power savings and reliability. Sun will offer 2.5” flash-based drives by the second half… Go To Full Article

Intel Launches Low-Power 65nm 4 Series Chipsets for the Desktop

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Intel Corporation has chosen the opening day of the 28th annual Computex trade show – the international electronics and technology information event held once a year in Taipei, Taiwan – to launch their next-generation 4 Series Express chipset family for… Go To Full Article

New NVIDIA Graphics Demo Running on GTX 260

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NVIDIA 9800 GTX vs 9800 GX2

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The arrival of spring was an opportunity for Nvidia to refresh its popular high-end segment stamped GeForce 8800 GTX / Ultra with two new chips, the 9800 GTX and 9800 GX2. It must be said that there are 8,800 since… Go To Full Article

BFG 8800 GT OCX w/ ThermoIntelligence Video Card Review

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Today we are testing out the BFG 8800 GT OCX with ThermoIntelligence video card. This 8800 GT retails for a bit over $200 and offers the best performance you will find in a 8800 GT video card. The performance… Go To Full Article

Centaur Technologies Tour - Making The Via Nano CPU

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Have you ever heard of Centaur Technology? You might not have, but as a wholly owned subsidiary of VIA, Centaur Technology, has spent years designing high performance, x86 compatible microprocessors. Centaur Technology has been in the news a lot this… Go To Full Article

Intel won't let Nvidia make Nehalem chipsets

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Nvidia's Director or PR, Derek Perez, has told Fudzilla that Intel actually won't let Nvidia make its Nforce chipset that will work with Intel's Nehalem generation of processors. We confirmed this from Intel’s side, as well as other sources. Intel… Go To Full Article

Intel embraces overclocking, doesn't extend warranty

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Intel gives users the tools to squeeze extra performance from their systems by overclocking the processor, but don't expect the warranty to cover you if things go wrong. Overclocking capabilities are a main feature of Intel's 4-series… Go To Full Article

Cat's out of the Bag: Intel Nehalem Benchmarked

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We had access to a 2.66GHz Nehalem for the longest time, unfortunately the motherboard it was paired with had some serious issues with memory performance. Not only was there no difference between single and triple channel memory configurations, memory latency… Go To Full Article

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