GlacialTech launches Igloo 1100 Series of Intel LGA 1156 (i5/i3) CPU Coolers

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GlacialTech, the diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications, today announced the launch of Igloo 1100 Series CPU coolers. The Igloo 1100 series are range of light weight CPU coolers… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master updates their NotePal Series Notebook Cooling Pad

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Cooler Master updates their NotePal Series Notebook Cooling Pad As the world's leading brand in the thermal solution field, Cooler Master has devoted its time and effort to the Notebook Cooling Product Development field… Go To Full Article

Intel Clarkdale: 3.46GHz Clock-Speed, 32nm Process Tech, Launch in Q1 2010

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In spite of the previous reports, Intel will commercially launch its code-named Clarkdale processors for desktops in the first quarter of 2010, according to the original schedule, but not ahead of it, according to Intel’s plans seen by X-bit labs.… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4860 Coming?

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AMD released the industry's first 40 nm desktop GPU. The RV740 went on to make only one SKU, the Radeon HD 4770. The company filled its Radeon HD 4700 series almost overnight two more SKUs positioned on either sides of… Go To Full Article

AMD Delivers Its Most Powerful Professional 3D Graphics Card

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AMD Delivers Its Most Powerful Professional 3D Graphics Card For less than $1,800 MSRP, ATI FirePro™ V8750 3D workstation accelerator delivers exceptional computational power to tackle incredibly complex designs To meet… Go To Full Article

Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W Power Supply

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While the Enermax Revolution85+ 1050W really was a revolution running full course, the Galaxy EVO 1250W felt like a revolution gone too far as all the good things from the Revolution were just not quite as good when given to… Go To Full Article

Urine-Powered Cars Coming Soon?

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One of hydrogen’s biggest stumbling blocks to use as an alternative fuel is the amount of energy needed to produce it. And then there’s the matter of distributing it. Botte says her gadget eliminates such problems because it’s small enough… Go To Full Article

DRM is Dead, RIAA Says

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For years the RIAA has defended the use of DRM, much to the dislike of millions of honest customers who actually paid for their music. Now, in a shocking turnaround, the outfit seems to have come to the realization that… Go To Full Article

Uninstall, Disable, or Delete Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7

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A lot of Windows users out there dislike Internet Explorer enough that just using a different browser is not enough, they want it gone. Although there is not a way to completely uninstall it, let’s take a look at how… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II 42 TWKR CPU Sold for $11600 on eBAY

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Even if AMD has been thinking of bringing the special TWKR version of Phenom II to market there are ways to acquire a Phenom II TWKR 42 processor, if you're not an editor or highly skilled overclocker with connections. The… Go To Full Article

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