NVIDIA Brings SLI Technology to Intel Bloomfield CPU Platforms

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NVIDIA Brings SLI Technology to Intel Bloomfield CPU Platforms SANTA CLARA, CA—JULY 14, 2008—PC enthusiasts, manufacturers, and developers around the world have a lot to be excited about today with NVIDIA Corporation’s announcement that it will… Go To Full Article

486 40Mhz CPU used to host dynamic website

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foureightysix is powered by a Intel 486 DX/2 Overdrive capable of 66Mhz but running at 40Mhz due to motherboard limitations (it also does not have any L2 cache), and 16MB of 60ns 72 pin SIMM memory. The harddrive is 631MB… Go To Full Article

Lucid Logix HYDRA tech brings together any GPUs for powerful matrimony

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There's a lot of tech speak to cut through, but if Lucid Logix's claims are true, we might be looking at a revolution in the high-end gaming segment. Lucid is building a new "real-time distributed processing engine" system on a… Go To Full Article

The Evolution of Robotic Dance

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The Evolution of Dance skit performed by a robot! the original:

[M] Asrock Penryn1600SLIX3-WiFi S775 Motherboard Review

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In their known style, Asrock re-invented the 680i platform by creating the only official 45nm and 3-Way SLI supporting 680i motherboard. Let´s see how this relatively cheap motherboard performs against the newer 750i platform. Go To Full Article

Things that make you go blind: Staring at your computer screen

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Ophthalmologists, optometrists and other eye professionals note a seeming link between myopia, also called nearsightedness, and "near work"—visual activities that take place at a distance of about 40 centimeters (16 inches) from the eye—such as reading a book. Staring at… Go To Full Article

First Microstuttering Test on ATI HD4870X2

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First results on finding out if the new dual GPU card from ATI has any significant issues with microstuttering brought on by the usage of more than 1 GPU. As not all frames are rendered at the same interval you… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA drops GTX 280 / GTX 260 prices... again

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We've been on the phone to Nvidia this morning and have word on price drops for the latest Nvidia graphics cards: GeForce GTX 280, 260 and 9800 GTX+. The exact pricing for us (or you) Europeans and our neighbours in… Go To Full Article

Team Fortress 2 Sentry PC Case Modification

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What we've almost forgotten is that this is a case mod - there is a PC inside it! As a piece of fan art alone it would be impressive but TiTON has managed to squeeze in this little lot to… Go To Full Article

Xthermal BTF120PRO LED Review

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When buying a fan, there are two main factors which we look for: Performance and Silence. Normally though, a quiet fan isn’t so good in the performance department due to a lower RPM and thus less airflow. However, today we… Go To Full Article

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