NVIDIA 8800 Ultra to arrive mid May

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A BLOGGER over at VR-Zone claims that an Nvidious conference call confirmed the GeForce 8800 Ultra for release on May 15, with reviews hitting the interwibble on May 1. Whilst we're pretty sure that chaps on conference… Go To Full Article

EVGA nForce 650i Ultra: Performance on a Budget

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The 680i SLI motherboards were launched with a tremendous public relations effort by NVIDIA back in November. There was a lot of hype, speculation, and fanfare surrounding NVIDIA's latest chipset for the Intel market, and it promised an incredible array… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX PC2-9600 DDR2 2GB Kit

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Looking for some seriously fast DDR2 RAM to go with your heavily overclocked Core2Duo rig? Today we check out Kingston's overclocker-orientated HyperX PC2-9600 modules guaranteed to run at DDR2-1200. Go To Full Article

Logisys PC Extension Station

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Logisys Computer Inc. has been around for a number of years offering a variety of computer products such as power supplies, computer cases, bay devices, and modding accessories. One of their new products, the PC Extension Station, is designed to… Go To Full Article

NZXT Precise PRC-1000 (1000W PSU)

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Most readers probably are well aware of NZXT makes some of the coolest looking cases in the industry but many people might not realize that NZXT actually makes power supplies as well. In fact, NZXT really has not pushed too… Go To Full Article

Scythe Ninja Rev.B CPU heatsink

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This one is no doubt going to be interesting as not only is the Ninja Rev.B built specifically for low airflow, low noise usage, but Scythe claim it is such an efficient heatsink -what with its 12 heatpipes and huge… Go To Full Article

ECS NF650iSLIT-A Motherboard

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Today we are looking at nVidia’s mainstream SLI product designed to keep the costs down but give the customer something that is worth the money. Today we are looking at the nVidia nForce 650i SLI chipset in the form of… Go To Full Article

OCZ Announces High-Speed, Large Capacity SDHC Memory Cards

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OCZ Technology Inc. (LSE: OCZ) Outfits the Latest Generation of Digital Cameras and Camcorders with High-Speed, Large Capacity SDHC Memory Cards Sunnyvale, CA—April 9, 2007—As digital cameras and video recorders produce higher and higher resolution…

Linux gaming

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Many of our users have talked about wishing they could switch from Windows, but the overwhelming hold back has often been the gaming support. Is it really as bad as it seems? We talked to our local Linux guru Glider… Go To Full Article

AMD's 690 chipset - ASUS M2A-VM motherboard

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While motherboard chipsets with integrated graphics cores don't usually create much of a buzz, the RS690 chipset proved to be an exception to this rule, with many people hanging on every scrap of information to slip out about this part… Go To Full Article

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