9800GTX to get a new performance driver

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Nvidia plans to launch a new Geforce 9800GTX driver and we’ve learned that you should expect a severe performance increase compared to current drives. We know that this performance jump will affect 9800GTX, but as its G92-based… Go To Full Article

Ati HD4870X2 CF scoring X12515 in Vantage?

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Browsing through hardware enthousiast forums sometimes gives people an advantage, in this case results of a HD4870X2 CF setup scoring X12515 in 3DMark Vantage. Please note that this result still has to be confirmed! Go To Full Article

CoolIT releases GTX 280 Liquid Cooling Solution

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CoolIT Systems Announces VGA Cooler for the NVIDIA GTX280 Liquid Cooling Solution provides extreme cooling for NVIDIA’s Hottest, New Graphics Cards Calgary, Alberta – June 18th, 2008 – CoolIT Systems announces the availability of… Go To Full Article

Cheapest NVIDIA GTX 260 listed at €283.89

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The cheapest one comes from Asus and it is listed at €283.89, but as you may have guessed it is still not available. We are talking about the reference clocked card working at 575MHz for the core, 1,242MHz for Shaders… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GTX 280, 9800GTX prices to drop

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Nvidia has already dropped the prices of GTX 280 and GTX 260 and it doesn’t plans to let ATI rest. ATI started this nasty game with RV670, Radeon 3870 and 3850 cards, and Nvidia now wants to put a lot… Go To Full Article

ATI HD3870 X2 available at €250

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ATI's dual-headed HD3870 X2 prices are dropping, and at €250 it's starting to look like a great deal, especially considering the pricing of upcoming 48xx series cards. The cheapest HD 3870 X2 is currently listed at €229,… Go To Full Article

Geforce GTX 260 ships in volume next week

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It looks like Nvidia is holding some Geforce GTX 260s back, as some partners have them but they are reluctant to send them to shops. They blame the last minute adjustments, but some separate sources have told us that Nvidia… Go To Full Article

Sandisk and Toshiba team up on 3D memory

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SANDISK AND TOSHIBA are teaming up in a quest to finally bring some long awaited re-writeable 3D memory to market. The news broke as Sandisk filed a U.S. stock market regulator report late on Tuesday, which notes… Go To Full Article

Top 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Firefox 3

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Much more performance across the board is the key reason for an upgrade. The overhauled Gecko 1.9 rendering engine and significant code tweaks and optimizations contribute to significant speed gains. The browser launches and runs faster and feels much more… Go To Full Article

Nvidia: Graphics is dead? Yeah right.

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For the last several weeks, Nvidia has been at war with Intel over a statement of one of Intel’s engineers made at IDF suggesting that GPUs could soon be obsolete. There is a fundamental difference in the opinion how visual… Go To Full Article

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