ATI Catalyst 7.8 will fix Source Engine

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IN THE PAST couple of releases of Catalyst drivers owners of Radeon HD 2000 cards got quite a lot of bug fixes, but there was one major bug that plagued the gaming experience of good part of those 13 million… Go To Full Article

Nvidia still working on 8800 texture slowdowns

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IT SEEMS THAT Nvidia's Geforce 8800 series of graphics cards suffers random slowdowns, and this can be particularly problematic for owners of the Geforce 8800GTS 320MB, the cheapest 8800 out there. The problem lies in fact that the G80 GPU… Go To Full Article

ATI partners are delighted with HD2000 sales

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HAVING TALKED with several ATI graphics card partners, we hear that things are looking up. It seems that even though performance is not exactly shining, the fact that the firm's HD 2000 boards come in at a very competitive price… Go To Full Article

Gamers get mitts on DX10 games bundles

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Looking at the Green Team, XFX has been the first to announce a DX10 gaming bundle and has managed to nab two different games to bundle with its cards. Some 8600 cards will come with a patched-up, DX10-ready version of… Go To Full Article

Nvidia MCP 73 pixellated

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THE FIRST PICTURES of Nvidia's upcoming MCP73-based motherboards have hit the interwibble for all gawping fanboys to clap their eyes upon. MCP 73 is due out in September, and is the little brother of MCP 78, due out in November… Go To Full Article

Galaxy working on dual GPU 8600GT Video Card

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It seems like Nvidia's partners aren't going to let the dual Radeon HD 2600 XT cards have an easy win, as Galaxy is working on a dual GeForce 8600GT card. Although we have no idea when this card is expected… Go To Full Article

More AMD RS780 Details Revealed

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AMD’s latest roadmap reveals more details of its upcoming next-generation RS780 chipset. AMD plans to target the chipset towards consumer and commercial desktop platforms, with minor differences for each respective segment. AMD designed the RS780 to accommodate its upcoming Socket… Go To Full Article

Silverstone SG03 Micro-ATX Enclosure Review

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When SST says redesigned, they mean redesigned. The SG03 is a unique SFF enclosure and does indeed earn the title of being SST's new flagship enclosure. The aluminum construction and dual mini bezel doors with front panel mesh intake really… Go To Full Article

ECS G33T-M2 Motherboard Review

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The new ECS Elitegroup G33T-M2 comes with the new generation of integrated graphics from Intel, the Intel G33 chipset with the GMA Intel X3100. There’s any difference with the old GMA? Lets see. Go To Full Article

Antec P180 & Nine Hundred Cases Review

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The computer case market situation is a great deal clearer compared to the state from a few years ago. There are only a couple of major players remaining in the competitive section, those being the likes of Cooler Go To Full Article

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