Acer and Gateway to Acquire Packard Bell

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Acer and Gateway on Monday said that have offered to take over Packard Bell. If the owner of the latter agrees to cancel the ongoing acquisition deal with Lenovo, then Acer and Gateway will be able to create a giant… Go To Full Article

AMD adjusts CPU pricing: 5~30% Down

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AMD has adjusted its CPU prices once more, but this time it's more to clear space for the upcoming Phenom processors. The price drops are quite small with the faster models dropping about 30 percent and some of the slower… Go To Full Article

AMD Revised Desktop Model Number Structure

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got to know that AMD is revising its new Desktop model number structure again for greater simplicity based on customer feedbacks. Going forward, desktop models will be comprised of Desktop Brand and Model Number only. Also note that Phenom X2… Go To Full Article

UMC to make G92 for Nvidia

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Nvidia has placed orders with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) for its G92 graphics chips, with the foundry's 12A fab processing 5,000-6,000 wafers for the US client, according to industry sources. Go To Full Article

Mark Rein promises UT3 beta demo soon

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Epic is certainly getting close to finishing Unreal Tournament 3, since Mark Rein commented on the Epic forums that "The development team feels they're pretty close to being ready to release this so it could come out this week but… Go To Full Article

AMD Triple-Core Is Phenom 7-Series

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AMD plans to launch the new Triple-Core processor family by Q1 next year and it will be called Phenom 7-series instead. The codename for the Triple-core processors is Toliman, a 65nm quad-core Agena core based with one core disabled. VR-Zone… Go To Full Article

Google's Stock Tops $600 for First Time

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The Mountain View-based company's shares traded as high as $601.45 before slipping back to $597.13 in morning trading. It marked the sixth time in the past 12 trading sessions that the stock has reached a new peak climbing on the… Go To Full Article

World in Conflict: DX10 Performance and IQ

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We have now evaluated the DirectX 10 experience on three full retail games. We are getting closer to seeing what DirectX 10 will truly do for us. However, since we have only evaluated only First Person Shooters of various types,… Go To Full Article

Attaching a heatsink to the brain can reduce the severity of epileptic seizures

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Attaching a heatsink to the brain can reduce the severity of epileptic seizures, Japanese researchers say. They've developed a surgically implanted heat conduit that connects a brain region to a heatsink on the outside of the skull. Seizures get worse… Go To Full Article

New Hybrid Hard Drives From Samsung and Seagate

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We looked at Seagate's Momentus 5400 PSD drive, announced today, and Samsung's SpinPoint MH80 drive, released this summer. Both models are 2.5-inch, 160GB notebook drives with 256MB of nonvolatile flash memory cache on board. The hard-drive industry concentrated on introducing… Go To Full Article

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