Rosewill Xtreme RX950-S-B PSU

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Most American computer enthusiasts are familiar with Rosewill who are a sister company to one of the largest online retailers, Newegg. Rosewill's primary goal is to offer (through Newegg) a very wide variety of products, ranging from card readers to… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4890 Overclocked Performance Tested

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Let's jump right in and talk about GPU @ 1000MHz. Here's a look at what we get from In non-CPU limited situations, the approximately 10% to 13% performance improvement out of a potential 17.6% improvement is… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA renaming scheme pays off: larger GPU market share

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Nvidia and Intel were "big winners" in the graphics market last quarter. According to Jon Peddie Research's latest round of estimates, worldwide graphics processor shipments grew between the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of this year—a trend-breaking… Go To Full Article

BlackBox 1.1 reveals your Computer's Internals

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BlackBox 1.1 reveals your Computer's Internals HWM BlackBox is a utility designed to deliver precise details on the core components of your computer to the maximum. As well as providing you with you with in-depth… Go To Full Article

Overclocking ATI HD 4770 Beyond The Limit

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What we gathered from the different reviews published today is that they almost all reach the 830Mhz overclock on the GPU, which is the maximum the ATI Control Center allows. It takes a small edit of Rivatuner to go beyond…

Plasma on the wane as demand weakens

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Plasma TVs look set to enter the history books and perhaps remain as a footnote to the chequered history of displays, starting with the cathode ray tube (CRT). When Wikipedia 2050 comes out we will no doubt learn more. But… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 4770 Crossfire vs HD 4890 in Four Games Compared

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AMD ever designed HD 4870 X2 back in last August, which pushed NVIDIA to make GeForce GTX295 in response. Considering HD 4770’s great success, we’re wondering if AMD should make a HD 4770 X2 at this time point. Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 5870 to come with 1200 shaders?

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AMD is fully aware that details on the coming GT300 from NVIDIA implies something phat coming. AMD may not have restructured its graphics design in an equally drastic manner, but it has time on its side. AMD is hoping to… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon X2 7850 vs. Intel Pentium E5300: Choosing the Best $70 CPU

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AMD celebrates its 40 year anniversary next month, and the Athlon brand turns ten shortly thereafter. What better way to celebrate than by releasing a rebadged 65nm Phenom processor with two cores disabled at $69? Er, or, I guess they… Go To Full Article

OCZ Vertex Wins 11-Way SSD Roundup

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It is generally known that several SSD products have featured higher power efficiency than traditional hard disks, with some already finding their feet in server and Notebook PC fields. As more and more manufactures venture into the SSD segment, what… Go To Full Article

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