Next 3DMark will be Windows Vista Only

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The next generation 3DMark will be Windows Vista only, and will require DX10 compliant hardware. You may ask: Why no fallback to DX9 then? Well, we already have a Vista enabled DX9 benchmark (3DMark06) and the last three 3DMarks have… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 Case

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Gigabyte has attempted to pull out all the stops with their new 3D Aurora 570. With a multitude of vendors scrambling to capture your hard-earned dollar for their enclosures, can Gigabyte be the one you want? And with long established… Go To Full Article

Six Must-Know HDTV Facts

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Disappointed by how fuzzy CNN looks on your new HDTV? Wondering why Jack Bauer looks so soft and plump on your new flat-screen? Maybe it's because you're not really watching HD on your high-def TV. Go To Full Article

Final 8800 Ultra specs disappoint

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The GPU is not clocked to 675MHz, as some official documents from the past were stating, but rather a very conservative 612MHz, a 37MHz clock boost. The clock of 128 scalar units has been raised from 1.35GHz to 1.50 and… Go To Full Article

ATI R600 release dates unveiled

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The launch of the Radeon HD 2900 series is now being pulled up to May 2, instead of the previous May 14 date. On that May 14 date, the 2600 and 2400 will appear. However, both of these are soft… Go To Full Article

$100 Laptop Repriced at $175

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The $100 laptop introduced by Nicholas Negroponte as part of the One Laptop Per Child program will end up costing $175, Associated Press says. Go To Full Article

[H] Consumer will be closing its doors by the end of the month

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Finally, we came to a point where so much money had been invested in [H] Consumer that we had to stop the bleeding. I won’t put an exact number on it, but we were literally hundreds of thousands of dollars… Go To Full Article

1rst LCD at 100 Hz: the end of afterglow

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Partially unveiled at CeBIT 2006, 100 Hz technology is coming for LCDs. The idea is that monitors will no longer display 50 or 60 images per second but 100. How it does this is something we will go into later.… Go To Full Article

Buffalo Set to Sell 2GB DDR3 Memory Kits for $1180

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Japanese subsidiary of Buffalo Technology Inc., a leading maker of advanced memory modules and other electronics, has announced the world's first memory modules based on DDR3 chips. While there are several months to go till the first DDR3-supporting platforms will… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 3D Rocket II Cooler

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We have already tested the first version of the “Taiwanese Rocket” before. Now it is high time we checked out the new and improved Rocket II from Gigabyte. Stylish looks, universality, relatively simple installation, what else brings us this new… Go To Full Article

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