"Gears of Wars" will work on Windows XP

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Now it is official, the rumor that Gears Of War would be a Vista exclusive game is no more. Did Microsoft really decided to let go of the entire ''Games for Windows Live is Vista exclusive'' concept? It sure looks… Go To Full Article

Corsair rumored to remove water cooling kits from product lineup

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RUMOUR HAS it that top memory maker Corsair is shelving its range of watercooling gear in the wake of poor sales. Cooling design isn't really at the heart of Corsair's expertise, except when it comes to cooling memory ICs, which… Go To Full Article

DX10 can be ported to Windows XP, technically

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The original reason was that DX10 required graphics memory to be virtualisable. This would not work with XP, and that was fine and dandy. It was an honest technical reason why you could not backport DX10 to XP without a… Go To Full Article

Lara Croft stripped naked...again

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`Anniversary patch reveals treasured chest´ reads this story from TheInq: "ONE OF THE PRETTY good reasons why Lara Croft became popular beyond belief was the fact that a certain software patch appeared almost simultaneously with the Tomb… Go To Full Article

Samsung’s Duo HD Universal Player to Cost €400

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Samsung Electronics at IFA (Internationale Funhausstellung) conference in Germany revealed that its first hybrid blue laser-based video player will be relatively affordable and will become available in the fourth quarter of the year. Samsung’s Duo HD BD-UP5000… Go To Full Article

AMD G690 gets a boost with BIOS Update

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Those who happen to own an Asus or MSI board with the AMD 690 Chipset will be pleased to hear that they will get a significant performance boost with the introduction of the latest BIOS update from Asus and MSI. Go To Full Article

ATI says RV670 Chip to come in Q4 2007

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Some people in AMD already know that the chip and the overall 55 nanometre production is pushed in early 2008 but AMD has to tell something to its furious partners as the current mainstream and low end fail to perform.… Go To Full Article

AMD Denies MPU Foundry change

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AMD has denied reports claiming that it will shift 45 nm microprocessor production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.The move would be seen as the company reducing its foundry relationship with Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Singapore). Go To Full Article

New Intel Penryn Quad Core CPU runs Crysis Nicely

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Crytek's President and CEO Cevat Yerli talks about Crysis and how it looks good on the new quad core. Looks like Cevat is really impressed with the new Penryn, and talks how much developers can get out of multi-core CPU's.…

PC Power Management, ACPI Explained In Detail

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Computer performance has increased steadily in recent years, and unfortunately so has power consumption. An ultimate gaming system equipped with a quad-core processor, two NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra, 4 sticks of DDR2 memory, and a few hard drives can easily… Go To Full Article

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