Real Temp 3.00 Released, Core i7 Support Added

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* Core i7 temperature and frequency support including Turbo mode. * NVIDIA temperature reporting with highest GPU temperature displayed in SLI mode. * Ability to run a file or shutdown based on user defined alarm temperature. *… Go To Full Article

GeForce GTX260 Coming With New PCB Design to Cut Cost

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At the end of last year, GeForce GTX 260 became the first one of NVIDIA GTX200 series graphics cards to use 55nm processing technology. It featured P654 reference design, which cost less than earlier P651. The number of PCB layers… Go To Full Article

Ultimate Malware Removal Guide

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Malware is everywhere. You can't browse on any Internet tech forum without someone mentioning this word (with disdain), usually in search of a remedy after being infected with spyware. No matter how careful you are, we’re guessing that many of… Go To Full Article

A conversation with Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO Nvidia

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Rivatuner Plugin Adds Voltage Control for Geforce GTX280/GTX260/GTX295 and HD4870(X2)

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finally here is a first release of my RivaTuner plugin wich allows voltage control on vga cards equipped with a Voltera VT1165 VRM controller. as far as i know this are: GTX260 65nm, GTX280, GTX295, HD4870 and… Go To Full Article

Are these the Windows 7 Prices?

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* Windows 7 Starter - $199.95<br> * Windows 7 Home Premium - $259.95<br> * Windows 7 Professional - $299.95<br> * Windows 7 Ultimate- $319.95<br> * Windows 7 Enterprise - unknown yet<br><br> Is it me or… Go To Full Article

First pictures of Intel socket LGA1155 and LGA1156 revealed

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Quite soon Intel's currently fastest processor, the Core i7 965, will be replaced by a newer model, the Core i7 975 with 3.33 GHz. But the Core i5 devices for the mainstream market are probably more interesting. For the first… Go To Full Article

[M] AMD Phenom II X4 940 Subzero Overclocking Test: 6Ghz Obtainable?

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There is no denying that the AMD Phenom II's overclocking capabilities were hyped before launch, at CES AMD showcased the CPU running at 6.4Ghz. How realistic is this result for us enthusiasts? Can such a stunt be repeated? Time to… Go To Full Article

Dell Mini 10 to have 10.1" Screen with 1366 x 768 resolution

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A few retailer slip-ups aside, we haven't heard a whole lot about the Dell Mini 10 since it was unveiled at CES, but it looks like that's now starting to change, with this supposedly authentic slide offering some further details… Go To Full Article

Rumor Mill: Intel will do GPU for Playstation 4 ?

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FOR THE NEXT next generation of consoles, PS4, XBox3 and Wii2, it looks like Intel is in, Nvidia is out. The picture for their GPUs is starting to become clear. Yeah, Intel won the PS4 GPU, no… Go To Full Article

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