A-DATA Vitesta DDR3-1333MHz 3GB Triple Channel Kit

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hanks to the on-chip memory controller, Intel is limited to a single type of memory and this is where Intel is pushing DDR3. If you want to use any of the current Core i7’s or the upcoming LGA-1156 processors due… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake SpinQ Review

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The base of the Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler is made up of both Copper and Aluminum as well as having a mirror coating. The mirror coating is to make sure that there is no imperfections in the surface and making… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package enclosure

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Thermaltake is known amongst many for its over-the-top and sometimes even garish designs, but there have been some good ideas buried behind those crazy looks. Read on to see how the new Spedo full tower case marries good looks with… Go To Full Article

GELID Wing 12 120mm Gamer Fan Review

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Clearly we have a winner here. The GELID Wing 12 is a fan that performs as solidly as its unique design and construction. The included fan controller is a plus. Even at low fan speeds, the Wing 12… Go To Full Article

MSI Turbostream 600 W Power Supply Review

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MSI Turbostream 600 W (a.k.a. MS-4600-010) is a rebadged Solytech SL-8600EPS power supply, featuring active PFC, two 80-mm fans and two auxiliary power plugs for video cards under SLI or CrossFire configuration. Is this a good product? Can it really… Go To Full Article

Jetway NC92-230-LF Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

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We are all looking for that special motherboard that can do everything, well, Jetway has done it with the NC92-230. Loaded with a Intel Atom N230 CPU and packed full of features, and it can do far more than you… Go To Full Article

Hiper Type M 780Watt Power Supply

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The Hiper Type M 780W is a great all-round power supply. It offers an exceptionally stable 12V line and is sufficiently quiet to not annoy you during every day PC use. Also it supports SLI or CrossFire with a high… Go To Full Article

ATI FirePro V8700 Workstation Graphics Card

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ATI has spent much of the last decade producing the FireGL line of high-end workstation graphics cards, regularly challenging and often times besting competing products from Nvidia's Quadro lineup. ATI's last generation of FireGL products, which we covered heavily, were… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II starts shipping this month

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DISTRIBUTORS IN EUROPE and North America will begin shipping both OEM and retail boxes of the Phenom II 920 and Phenom II 940 starting December 18th (Europe), according to one distributor, and December 20th (North America). The… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Renaming Desktop & Mobile GPUs Again

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It appears Nvidia is carrying out the rebranding of their GPUs on both desktop and mobile front. On the desktop front, there are GeForce GTS 150 based on G92, GeForce GT 130 based on G94, GeForce GT 120 based on… Go To Full Article

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