Cooler Master Sileo 500 RC-500-KKR3-GP

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Boasting sound-dampening foam, anti-vibration HDD mounts, and two silent-running 800RPM 120mm fans, the Sileo 500 is an interesting break from Cooler Master's usual chassis design. A long-time manufacturer of high-end gaming cases, it appears Cooler Master is now adding silent… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake MeOrb Heatsink Review

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The target market for this cooler is HTPC and other small form factor designs with limited space. For its intended market the Thermaltake MeOrb would be a decent upgrade over the stock cooler both in performance and looks. Go To Full Article

Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 64GB Solid State Disk

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Just recently we reviewed the Kingston SSDNow V Series drive that uses the JMicron 602 controller which has been reworked by Kingston and Toshiba. The V Series has a very respectable price performance ratio, but it is hardly what I… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Case Review

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From an enthusiast's point of view this case is in many ways a more inexpensive brother of Cooler Master's CM Storm Scout case. The case has rounded edges, meaning you won't cut your hand when operating on the system, adequate… Go To Full Article

GMC R4 Bulldozer Case Review

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The overall look I found very appealing it has an aggressive look that makes this chassis stand out in a crowd and get noticed. The external ODD was very innovative in its placement, the temperature displays were fairly accurate (only… Go To Full Article

Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 550W

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We are taking a look at a PSU from Coolermaster today which is one of their cheaper versions on the market, it will go together with one Coolermaster case that we are reviewing later on, but for now we will… Go To Full Article

Configuring Standby on your HTPC

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My main HTPC uses around 130 watts at idle, 7 watts in standby (S3), and 4 in hibernate (S4) so the case for having it take a nap whenever it can is quite clear. There was a time when getting… Go To Full Article

Powercolor HD 4770 PCS 512 MB

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Powercolor's new HD 4770 PCS comes with a cooling solution designed by Artic Cooling and a custom PCB design by Powercolor. This should result in improved thermal performance, less noise and better overclocking. Thanks to decisive product design, Powercolor manages… Go To Full Article

How To Build a 100,000-Port Ethernet Switch

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University of California at San Diego researchers Tuesday are presenting a paper (PDF) describing software that they say could make data center networks massively scalable. The researchers say their PortLand software will enable Layer 2 data center network fabrics scalable… Go To Full Article

Asus, Apple, Lenovo – Most Reliable PCs, Claims Rescuecom

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Asustek Computer again managed to become the maker of most reliable personal computers in the U.S., according to Rescuecom’s quarterly computer reliability report. Apart from Asus, Apple and Lenovo Group are in the top three makers of most reliable PCs.… Go To Full Article

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