Albatron 9800GX2: Two-Headed Monster coming at you!

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Albatron 9800GX2: Two-Headed Monster coming at you! Albatron has “Enthusiastically” announced the dual GPU 9800GX2. Two heads are better than one as SLI…


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Alright ...single card damage done QUAD-SLI next NVIDIA chipset + NVIDIA GPU rips all 3DMARK single card #'s Before I put the system on LN2, I pushed it some on air for some perspective on the… Go To Full Article

Identifying Manipulated Images

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Photo-editing software gets more sophisticated all the time, allowing users to alter pictures in ways both fun and fraudulent. Last month, for example, a photo of Tibetan antelope roaming alongside a high-speed train was revealed to be a fake, according… Go To Full Article

Acer prepping a console-style gaming PC based on open standards?

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Don't start hawking your 360 and PS3 just yet, but it sounds like PC industry upstart Acer is considering a bid for the console market, or at least some gamer market share, with a game machine based on "open standards."… Go To Full Article

Vista SP1 Consumer Rollout Coming Tomorrow

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Microsoft's long-awaited service pack for Windows Vista is reported to be heading to consumers tomorrow. The RTM version of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) was first released to testers in early February after a lengthy gestation period. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte to jump into high-end PC accessory market

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First-tier motherboard maker Gigabyte Technology will officially enter the high-end PC accessory (keyboard and mouse) market in late March targeting the high-end gaming sector, according to the sources at the company. During the initial stages, the company will focus on… Go To Full Article

AMD updates desktop CPU launch schedule

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AMD is planning to launch B3 stepping quad-core Phenom 9050 series CPUs including 9850, 9750, 9650, 9550 and 9150 within the next 1-2 weeks, however the top-end 9850 will only reach a core frequency of 2.5 GHz, instead of the… Go To Full Article

[M] AutumnWave OnAir GT (USB HDTV Tuner) Review

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HDTV broadcast becomes more accessible in many cities AutumnWave is bringing to the notebook/laptop users an easy way to capture the high quality must watch sports or your favorite TV programs on-the-go. Go To Full Article

Toshiba's Dynabook SS RX1: world's first laptop with 128GB SSD

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Your 64GB SSD getting you down? Right, you should be so lucky. Regardless, Toshiba just updated their 12.1-inch Dynabook SS RX1 in Japan with a new 128GB SSD option. Build RX1/TAE bundles 128GB of solid state disk with internal, KDDI… Go To Full Article

Vista SP1, SP1 toilet paper hit japan

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The Japanese are hyping Vista SP1's impending release, but a roll of toilet paper printed with highlighted features is kind of uncalled for. You kind of have to feel a little bad for Vista -- it just keeps getting crapped… Go To Full Article

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