Affordable DirectX 10 Graphics Chips Helped the Market in Q2

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After declining tangibly in the first quarter of the year, the market of add-in graphics boards rebounded in the second quarter both in terms of unit sales as well as average selling prices (ASPs). Market tracking firm Jon Peddie Research… Go To Full Article

Art Lebedev Demos Assembled Optimus Maximus Keyboard

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Optimus Maximus is a full-sized 113-keys keyboard with colour OLED screens located inside each key. The screens are 10.1mm² large and have 48x48 pixels resolution, according to its developers. Specially designed software will be able to change images on the… Go To Full Article

Vista Breadcrumbs for Windows XP

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The same programmer that created yesterday's Tabbed Explorer plugin also has another add-in that will give you Vista-style breadcrumbs in Windows XP. This application should be really helpful for those of you that aren't ready to switch to Windows Vista… Go To Full Article

How to build a USB flashlight

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It shows you how to build a USB flashlight with basic stuff you have around the house. When ever I open up my computer to do work I have to hunt around for a light. With this little flashlight you… Go To Full Article

PCIe 3.0 comes by 2010

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Intel, Nvidia, ATI and AMD are just preparing to move to PCIe 2.0 but by 2010 so in roughly two+ years the PCI-SIG has a plan to introduce PCIe 3.0 specification. We know that the new PCIe 3.0 will be… Go To Full Article

Belgium May Prosecute the Church of Scientology

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A Belgian prosecutor recommended after a 10-year investigation that the government prosecute the church of Scientology. The church is accused of being a criminal organization involved in extortion, fraud, unfair trading, violation of privacy laws, and unlawfully practicing medicine. Both… Go To Full Article

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup

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It’s been a while since we tested power supply units, but today we are going to make up for that by offering you a detailed review of 15 power supply units with the wattage below 1000W. You will find the… Go To Full Article

AMD "Barcelona" Prices Revealed

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AMD sent out pricing information for its upcoming quad-core Opteron 2300 and 8300 series processors to its partners and distributors. The company plans to launch nine new quad-core processors later this month with clock speeds ranging from 1.7 GHz to… Go To Full Article

Intel QX6850 Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core 1333MHZ FSB Processor Review

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To boil it down, this processor will blow you mind if you ever personally witness it ripping through data and information like an F5 tornado through a Oklahoma trailer park. It is equally as awe-inspiring and you might just lose… Go To Full Article

Antec 900 Advanced Gaming Case Review

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The case itself is about the size of your average mid-tower. There are two 120mm intake fans on the front of the case. All nine 5.25" external drive bays are vented for better air flow. However, I did notice that… Go To Full Article

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