VisionTek 5750

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Whats better then just having one single sub 150USD powerful video card? Well the answer of coarse is, having two powerful sub 150 USD video cards. The 5750 video cards, have proven themselves to provide any one the performance and… Go To Full Article

Galaxy working on 9800GX2 card... with GTS 250 GPUs

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We’ve just heard some whispers that Galaxy is cooking up something interesting – the world’s first and only dual-core GTS250 graphics card. As you can see, the two GPUs are placed on a single PCB, and the Low Power edition… Go To Full Article

18 Radeon HD 5870 Cards, One Core i7 CPU, 100L+ of LN2 -> 3DMark Vantage World Record

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Stummerwinter brought his amazing Core i7-975 Extreme Edition CPU with him and Asus had gathered 18 pieces of Asus Radeon HD 5870 VGAs to be tested. Corsair had sent very good set of Dominator GTX2 DDR3-2250 memory. … Go To Full Article

MSI P55-GD85 motherboard Launched With SATA 6.0Gbps And USB 3.0 Support

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Apart from two PCI-Express x16 slots, seven SATA 3.0Gbps ports, four DDR3-2133 memory slots specifications and APS (Active Phase Switching), OC Genie, 1 Phase DrMOS and Super-Pipe heatpipe cooling features, MSI has included the Marvell and NEC chips in order… Go To Full Article

Intel Drops Prices on 3 CPUs

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Per 1000 units, E6500 goes from $84 to $74 as the new E6600 is introduced at $84. E6300 also costs $74 so expect EOL on that one. E5400 drops from $74 to $64, expect EOL on E5300 and E5200 which… Go To Full Article

Sony VAIO Z with 4xSSD and Dynamic VGA Card Switch Coming In March

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Announced at CES with a "late Spring" availability, we just got word that the Core i7-620M pumpin' VAIO Z series from Sony will be hitting Europe in late March. The Z's biggest claim to fame is its ultra-fast Quad SSD,… Go To Full Article

D-Link Wireless Routers Security Warning: DIR-855, DIR-655 and DIR-635

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D-Link announced today that the problem, discovered by security researchers SourceSec, affects three of its wireless routers: DIR-855 (hardware version A2), DIR-655 (versions A1 to A4), and DIR-635 (version B). The problem lies in D-Link's implementation of Cisco's Home Network… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 5770 and 5750

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As expected AMD is keeping up the pressure and rolling out its DirectX 11 graphics cards in the mid-segment. Just 3 weeks after the arrival of the Radeon HD 5800s, the Radeon HD 5700s are already here. Will they manage… Go To Full Article

Nvidia's mainstream Fermi is not delayed

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We've learned that the six-month delay of Geforce version of GF100 Fermi chips and cards won't actually hinder the introduction of other, slower version of Fermi card. The whole point of making the insanely big Fermi is to win the… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 5970

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After the Radeon HD 5800s and 5700s, it's over to the Radeon HD 5970 to make its appearance. A bi-GPU Radeon HD 5800 model, it completes the top end of the AMD range of cards and should reinforce current AMD… Go To Full Article

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