Team Fortress 2 Performance Tweak Guide

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Over two years since its original release, with the coming of HL2: Episode 2, I've completed a major revision of the Half Life 2 & Source Engine Tweak Guide. The guide is now fully up to date with the latest… Go To Full Article

e-bug SLI PC Review

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The e-bug SLI PC arrived Technic3D. The new PC come with Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 CPU (Arctic Cooling Heatsink), 2GB Corsair Ram, 2x XFX Graphic Card 8600GTS and Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI Mainboard. For Office and Gaming very Silent?… Go To Full Article

Ultra X3 1000 Watt Energy Efficient Modular PSU

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In this article we’re going to take a look at the Ultra X3 1000 Watt Energy Efficient Modular PSU. Boasting high efficiency and a modular design, the Ultra X3 has more than just 1000 watts of power to offer. In… Go To Full Article

RAM heat spreader removal guide

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This guide explains step by step, how to remove the RAM heatsink / heat spreader. It is e.g. necessary to identify the chips used on the memory modules. But of course, this guide is also useful to replace… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Product Giveaway Contest!

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[OC]ModShop is at it again! We've teamed up with CoolIT and are giving away three great CoolIT PC cooling products. All you have to do is answer our low-sodium fat-free Quooling Quiz! It's fun and it's free... and you might… Go To Full Article

NZXT LeXa Redline Case Review

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The NZXT LeXa Redline is the next PC Case in the Technic3D Editorship. The new Lexa is equipped with three 120mm and one 80mm fans (running at low speeds). This NZXT also ships with USB 2.0, Firewire, and HD audio… Go To Full Article

New Intel 65nm Processors & Price Cuts

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It is evident that while Intel is rapidly ramping up the transition from 65nm to 45nm, they are not just going to just abandon their 65nm processors. In fact, Intel intends to introduce several new 65nm desktop and mobile processors… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte X38-dq6

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Supporting the latest Intel X38 chipset and DDR2 memory, GIGABYTE’s latest addition to their DQ6 line of boards, the X38-DQ6, seems to hold a lot of promise. Go To Full Article

Asus Triton 75 CPU Cooler

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As well as excelling with motherboards and graphics cards, Asus now branch out into many other areas taking their entire product catalogue to over twenty sectors. One of these areas is PC cooling, more specifically CPU coolers. Today we have… Go To Full Article

Maximum CPU Temperature

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Just like all electronic components, CPU produces heat while it is running. Heat in excess, however, isn’t good and can even lead your CPU to burn or to work in an unstable way. In this tutorial you will learn what… Go To Full Article

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