3DMark Vantage budget was five million dollars

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We spoke with Oliver Baltuch, President of Futuremark Corporation. Oliver stated that the costs of developing benchmarks were going through the roof, and that was the main reasons why the company changed the policy of charging for the basic multi-run… Go To Full Article

The Great Ubuntu-Girlfriend Experiment

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The main issue with the desktop experience is that the geeky programmers and designers assume too much from the average user. They assume the user knows about the way in which programs are installed, or how the file system is… Go To Full Article

3DMark Vantage DX10 Benchmark Released

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3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming performance benchmark from Futuremark, newly designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10. It includes two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, and support for the latest hardware.… Go To Full Article

More Details On Windows XP SP3 Features

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We were the first to break the news on the release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and the final RTM schedule of Windows XP Service Pack 3. Now, we will be the first to release the full details on… Go To Full Article

The Heron has landed: Ubuntu 8.04 officially released

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One particularly significant feature included in this release is Wubi, a Windows-based installer that allows Ubuntu and Windows to coexist on the same partition. Wubi installs a fully functional Ubuntu environment into a folder on the Windows filesystem and sets… Go To Full Article

SSD and i-RAM vs Traditional Hard Disk Drives

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In this article we are going to introduce to you two solid state drives from Samsung and a unique data storage solution from Gigabyte aka i-RAM. Let check out their performance compared to that of conventional hard disk drives.… Go To Full Article

x86 Microprocessors Continue to Gain Market Share

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Revenue market shares of Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp., the two main producers of x86 microprocessors in the world, increased again in the fourth quarter of 2007, recently released figures from iSuppli market tracking firm show. The results are… Go To Full Article

Countervailing Duties Removed from Hynix Semiconductor’s Products in EU

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Earlier in April the council of the European Union formally adopted a decision to lift countervailing duties on imports of dynamic random access (DRAM) memory chips from South Korea manufactured by Hynix Semiconductor. Hynix management greeted the council’s action with… Go To Full Article

Corsair Dominator TW3X4G1800C8DF G: 4GB DDR3-1800 SDRAM

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Corsair Company brings the 2 x 2GB DDR3 memory kits to a new level offering a 4GB kit that doesn’t yield to any of the existing 2GB kits in specifications. We got a chance to check out this promising solution… Go To Full Article

DFI X48 LT T2R: Floats like a Butterfly…

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Right at the very top-end of the performance ladder, we know DFI are working hard to pry everything they can from the X48 chipset, and in order to succeed they need to be able to provide that last few percent… Go To Full Article

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