MOSAID Announces SSD Tech Rated Up To 1.7Gb/s Read, 1Gb/s Write

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The originality of this SSD is that, thanks to the HLNAND technology, it gives read speeds of 120 MB/s and writes of 73 MB/s, not exceptional figures… except that these are single channel speeds! Better still, these speeds were obtained… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 975 gets EOL date

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Intel's quad-core flagship of the LGA 1366 platform has been given an End Of Life date; February 18th, 2011 is the last day to put down orders. With 3.33 GHz clock frequency this Extreme Edition CPU has been a popular… Go To Full Article

Corsair GTX2 hits 2,200 MHz CAS 6 with liquid nitrogen, triple channel

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The modules are normally specified to operate at 2250 MHz and 8-8-8-24 timings, or 1800 MHz with 6-6-6-18 timings. Jonas aimed for the best of both worlds and landed at a final clock frequancy of 2204 MHz with timings turned… Go To Full Article

AMD Bulldozer Microprocessors May Not Bring Dramatic Performance Boosts.

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Analysts and market observers have expected Advanced Micro Devices' code-named Bulldozer microprocessors to tangibly boost performance compared to the company's today's chips. But while from architectural standpoints Bulldozer looks impressive, the company itself does not make claims about extraordinary performance… Go To Full Article

Nvidia May Prep a New Graphics Board with Fully-Fledged GF100 Chip

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When Nvidia Corp. unveiled its Fermi architecture first in September, 2009, the firm said that the top-of-the-range offering will include 512 stream processors. However, it released no actual products on the fully-fledged chip. On Wednesday a web-site published a picture… Go To Full Article

Geforce GTX 460 CPU Performance Scaling Guide

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Taking into account Geforce GTX 460s market positioning, we pick out 6 CPU to test.The test will divided into two parts.The first part ,We will test under Geforce GTX 460 default state, while the second part will overclock Geforce GTX… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte preps GA-D425TUD mini-ITX motherboard with Atom D425

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For those who can live on single-core (low-power) computing in 2010, Gigabyte has designed a new mini-ITX motherboard which has a 2oz copper PCB, an Ultra Durable 3 design, and includes the 1.80 GHz Atom D425 processor. … Go To Full Article

Logitech crams 13 'controls' on new wireless gaming mouse

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The WarMouse Meta might take the crown for most prepsterous number of buttons, but Logitech's Gaming Mouse G700 doesn't fall very far behind. Announced earlier today, the new Logitech pointing device has 13 "precisely placed" controls that can be assigned… Go To Full Article

Google Killing 'Wave' Over Lack of Interest

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Google Wave arrived on the tech scene with much fanfare, but really, was a shiny new toy that bloggers, blogging communities, tech geeks and folks in a collaborative business environment got excited about. However, the adoption just… Go To Full Article

[M] Overclocking Academy [NL]

@ 2010/08/05 read/post comments(0) Overclocking Academy Op 14 augustus 2010 krijgen 10 mensen een dag toegang tot de kennis van de beste overclockers in België: Madshrimps. Via maak je kans op 4 plaatsen. Je… Go To Full Article

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