VisionTek 4770

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Since the HD4770 video card has come out, most of us have been amazed at the sheer, raw performance this little video card came with.' To top that off, the pricing of this video card sits in a perfect spot… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE

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With a 200MHz speed increase, can AMD's latest Phenom II CPU offer anything more than its predecessors? Go To Full Article

Having fun on your PC with Compro VideoMate TV cards!

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Having fun on your PC with Compro VideoMate TV cards! Are you ready to upgrade your PC to the complete home entertainment? Compro Technology, an innovative leading manufacturer and developer of PC multimedia products, presents…

Core i7 870 hits 5.6GHz on LN2

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Seems like the LGA1156 platform is getting better and better. We found this CPU-Z validation link of a 5.6GHz 870. Go To Full Article

[M] Asus GTX 285 Matrix - Fastest Single GPU Card Out there?

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I was intrigued by this card and decided to put it head to head, not with all video cards out there, but against its reference design twin brother. I have been using a GTX 285 since its release and have… Go To Full Article

Intel P55 based motherboards show up in EU shops

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In case you're eager to get a Lynnfield, you can already find some P55 boards on sale in Europe. For example, you can get MSI's P55-GD65 in Germany, for €143. A few other retailers are also listing… Go To Full Article

Belinea launches €4500 X15 5.6kg gaming notebook

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We're really not sure if we should call it a notebook to begin with, as it's an 18.4-inch behemoth, and it weighs 5.6kg, as much as two average 15-inchers. You probably think there's some quite impressive stuff under the bonnet,… Go To Full Article

Seven Hard Disk Drives with 1.5 TB and 2 TB Storage Capacity

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You are going to see both 1.5TB and 2TB drives in this test session. There are not enough HDD models with a capacity of over 1 terabyte for two reviews. By the way, the cost of storage per gigabyte is… Go To Full Article

Taiwan Memory Company might fail

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A TAIWANESE GOVERNMENT backed deal with Elpida Memory to create a super RAM maker called Taiwan Memory Company might fail, a rival chipmaker has warned. Michael Sadler, executive VP of Inotera Memories, said that TMC may not… Go To Full Article

AMD demos DX11 hardware at QuakeCon 2009

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Here they were showing off the upcoming Evergreen graphics chip, first shown at Computex this year. This DX11 hardware is the first GPU to support the technology and should be able in late fall or early winter. … Go To Full Article

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