Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound Review

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Calling all cooling enthusiasts, there is a new TIM in town! Arctic Cooling has concocted a new, versatile thermal compouned dubbed MX-2. Does Arctic Cooling have an award winner or is this just another one hit wonder like the previous… Go To Full Article

What Intel Giveth, Microsoft Taketh Away

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In practical terms, it means that performance advancements on the hardware side are quickly consumed by the ever-increasing complexity of the Windows/Office code base. Case in point: Microsoft Office 2007 which, when deployed on Windows Vista, consumes over 12x as… Go To Full Article

Nvidia preps early launch of G98 in December

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Nvidia will launch its new G98 GPU (8400GS) in early December according to sources at Taiwan-based graphics card makers. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) will both serve as foundries for the new chip, they added. Go To Full Article

Buy Crysis get 8800 Free... or other way around

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EVGA is about to start bundling Crysis with most of its 8800 series cards. This will affect 8800GT, GTX and Ultra cards and the game will come with a bit premium on a price. The cards with Crysis will cost… Go To Full Article

Phenom FX to come at 2.6GHz in 2008

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AMD has said on the record that Phenom FX will be the first unlocked Phenom and that it will start shipping at 2.6GHz. This part is scheduled for Q1 2008 and there will also be a version for Quad FX… Go To Full Article

AMD to raise $700 million in share sell

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CHIP FIRM AMD said in a filing to the SEC that it wants to raise $700 million of shares.The firm's share price was $12.70 when the NYSE closed yesterday. The filing said that AMD expected Intel to… Go To Full Article

Why DX10.1 *may* matter to you

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Lets be honest, DX10.1 brings a lot of new features that don't really matter much if at all, and you can read all about them here. That said, there is one there that will matter a lot, contrary to what… Go To Full Article

AMD HD3850 256MB offered for as little as €143

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We took a quick look at several European price search engines looking for ATI's HD3800 series cards and found several listed last night. Naturally, some listings were taken down this morning, so there's not much point in linking the sites,… Go To Full Article

8-way Crossfire possible with MSI

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AMD representatives told us that with MSI K9A2 Platinum you should be able to plug four R680 cards inside. This would mean that you would have eight GPUs, but at this time there is no driver to support this feature. Go To Full Article

Quad Crossfire Radeon 3870 Demonstrated

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AMD showcased Call of Duty 4 running on two of these cards and eventually got it out for us as well. The most interesting thing is that the card is dual slot, as expected, has two GPU's on it with… Go To Full Article

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