Dell Takes Aim at Apple iPod Yet Again

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An article recently published in The Wall Street Journal indicates Dell may possibly make a fool hearty attempt to launch a new digital music player aimed at competing with the Apple iPod, which owns more than 70 percent of the… Go To Full Article

PCMark05 Favors Intel CPUs ?

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I've heard rumors for years that performance in PCMark 2005 could change depending on what CPUID was handed to the benchmark, but this is the first opportunity I've ever had to test that theory. The term CPUID refers to a… Go To Full Article

MSI Wind with 6-cell battery to cost $50 extra

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Somehow we always knew it was too good to be true. Not only did we hear rumblings from our contacts at MSI two weeks ago that the WInd with the 6-cell battery might to be jacked up, but now it… Go To Full Article

Microsoft's plans for post-Windows OS revealed

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Microsoft is incubating a componentized non-Windows operating system known as Midori, which is being architected from the ground up to tackle challenges that Redmond has determined cannot be met by simply evolving its existing technology. SD Times… Go To Full Article

Teenager invents vehicular antitheft system

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Using little more than book knowledge, experience from previous projects, and a healthy shot of elbow grease, a Kenyan kid has constructed a nifty (and perhaps just a little scary) box that attaches to your car to provide a number… Go To Full Article

iX2 Invasion Case Review

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We recently showed you the prototype of the IX2, a case quite unlike any other. Now we have the complete test of the final version. This time our test is based on an empty case, as it would be sold… Go To Full Article

His Hd4870 512 Mb

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AMD's new HD4800 GPU's have created quite a stir in the computer world. Offering great performance for a low price they have managed to get Nvidia to cut their prices on most of their new cards just to get in… Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology EliteXStream 800W Power Supply Review

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There are more than enough cables for video cards, hard drives, optical drives, and peripherals. All cables are long and there should not be an issue reaching most locations in large full tower systems. The 120mm fan is very silent,… Go To Full Article

iStarUSA T5F-SS Mobile Rack Review

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iStarUSA has given HardwareLogic the opportunity to be one of the first review sites to have a first look at their newest mobile rack enclosure, the T5F-SS. Designed specifically from the ground up to provide a safe haven for hard… Go To Full Article

Google takes Microsoft's biggest customer away

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The NSW Department of Education, with1.3 million users, has taken Google's free email product. The contract was so big that Google were prepared to put together a world-class package of services, he said. It is fairly clear that the Vole… Go To Full Article

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