Seagate Announces 1TB HDD With Native Encryption

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Seagate this week announced two new hard drives for desktops and notebook computers. The new desktop hard drive is a 1TB 3.5-inch internal drive with integrated government-grade encryption technology to keep data safe from unauthorized users. The drive is called… Go To Full Article

AMD Unveils "Barcelona" Architecture

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AMD is prepared to launch its next-generation Barcelona CPU architecture this Monday. Barcelona is the first K8-based product to feature a substantial amount of architectural changes since the original launch of AMD’s Opteron and Athlon 64 processors. Substantial architectural changes… Go To Full Article

20" LCD Monitors Roundup

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With this article I’m willing to introduce to you a few new models of 20" LCD monitors from different brands. You’ll find here monitors for work and for the home, affordable and not quite, with new widescreen matrixes as well… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW 22inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

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For the Syncmaster 2232GW being reviewed today, Samsung took their main 22" LCD panel it already had in stock, covered the normally dull panel screen with glossy covering called MagicClear to enhance picture clarity and contrast and encased it all… Go To Full Article

Spire JetBlack - SP-7060B Case Review

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Today we take a look at a very nice looking case from Spire. We got a sample of their new BlackFin case which seems to have some superb air cooling features. We are going to look into how it performs… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Systems RAM Cooling Fan Review

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CoolIT Systems has recently burst onto the aftermarket computer component market with innovative products designed to cool your rig down. Their RAM Fan is intended to address the problem of hot memory while having over the "minimum requirement of flair".… Go To Full Article

A-DATA Extreme Edition 1200+ DDR2 1GB Kit

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A-DATA is joining the band wagon of 1200 MHz memory with their Extreme Edition memory. Many manufacturers have displayed memory at these speeds at Computex this year. The kits are available in 1 or 2 GB variants and come with… Go To Full Article

Sparkle Calibre GeForce 8800 Ultra Video Card Review

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With this new high-end Calibre GeForce 8800 Ultra have a new top of the line graphics card. It's equipped with the m-Sorceress II TEC cooler, and the clocks are much higher than on the NVIDIA reference card - and this… Go To Full Article

Voodoo makes Crossfire work on SLI Motherboard

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THERE'S PLENTY of news about HP's new Voodoo-inspired gaming machine, the Blackbird. Indeed, our own Charlie pondered its existence just yesterday. However, he missed one thing - the fact that the Blackbird runs Crossfire on an Nvidia chipset motherboard.… Go To Full Article

Intel won't cut Core 2 Duo / quad desktop prices soon

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The prices of QX6850 and E6850 and all the other FSB 1333 and 1066MHz FSB desktop CPUs won't change in Q3 2007. Intel has finally dropped the price wars and it will just introduce E4600 Core 2… Go To Full Article

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