Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283 tower cooler Review

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With the Dark Knight S1283 Xigmatek presents a towercooler which should have an enormeous cooling potential. Three heatpipes with eight millimeters in diameter are directly built into the ground plate through the "Direct Touch" process. You'll also… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam Acrylic UFO Cube Case

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For those not interested in a sleek computer enclosure like the SilverStone Temjin TJ10, a humongous chassis like the Cooler Master ATCS 840 EATX, or a professional-oriented chassis like the SilverStone Fortress FT01, there is the Sunbeam Acrylic UFO Cube… Go To Full Article

OCZ Special Ops PC3-10666 2x2GB

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Oh, what a difference two years make. When we reviewed the OCZ Special Ops Urban Elite PC2-6400 2x1GB in December 2006, DDR2 was just gaining momentum, costs as much as performance DDR3 costs now, and the revolutionary… Go To Full Article

How to Speed up Windows Explorer in Vista

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Windows Vista of course, has lots of extra features, which usually means you need a faster computer to keep the same speed as the previous generation. One of the most basic things people do with their comptuers is browse for… Go To Full Article

Noctua NH-U12P Review

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The NH-U12P continues the legacy of Noctua's classic NH-U coolers, which won over 150 awards and recommendations from leading international websites and magazines. While retaining the successful design and the well-proven SecuFirm™ mounting system, the newest revision has been reworked… Go To Full Article

G.SKILL FM-25S2S-64GB SSD Drive Review

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SSD drives are slowly making it on to the market but the prices still scare alot of people of. The SSD drive does not have any movable parts which makes it completely silent and also more well performing than our… Go To Full Article

Xmass deals: Wii for €188, PlayStation 3 for €242

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Britain is usually one of the worst places to shop for tech stuff in Europe, but the economic crisis and the pound's downfall has turned it into a bargain hunter's wet dream. Unfortunately Brits don't stand to… Go To Full Article

Lenovo to release ThinkPad laptop with 2 LCD screens

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The ThinkPad W700ds appears to be the first laptop ever to sport two LCD screens -- a 17-in. primary and a 10.6-in. secondary screen. The souped-up "mobile workstation," as Lenovo calls it, also comes with customers' choice of quad-core Intel… Go To Full Article

Using Speed Cameras To Send Tickets To Your Enemies

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High school students in Maryland are using speed cameras to get back at their perceived enemies, and even teachers. The students duplicate the victim's license plate on glossy paper using a laser printer, tape it over their own plate, then… Go To Full Article

Thermalright HR-01 X Server Heatsink Review

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Popular with PC enthusiasts, Thermalright makes cooling products that are known for their quality and performance. What some people might not know is that Thermalright also caters to the server / workstation crowd, offering heatsinks that fit dual socket boards… Go To Full Article

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