ZEROtherm GX815 VGA Cooler

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Hardcore overclockers and gamers do not only have to worry about the temperature of their CPU, but also the temperature of their video cards. Overclocking a video card usually has a much larger impact on game frame rates than overclocking… Go To Full Article

GeForce 8600GTS and 8600GT

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With the release of the GeForce 8600GTS/GT and 8500GT, NVIDIA can say they have a complete lineup of DirectX 10 solutions from top to bottom. The GeForce 8600 series is particularly interesting, since it's basically the only series with two Go To Full Article

Antec MX-1 External HDD Enclosure

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Eat or be eaten, that is one of the most well-known business phrases. With new external HDD enclosures from well known companies like Cooler Master, Thermaltake, and Enermax, it was only a matter of time before Antec… Go To Full Article

[M] CPU Heatsink Roundup June 2007

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In our latest CPU cooler roundup we compare 18 heatsinks on an overclocked Intel setup, testing for best performance at both high noise as well as dead silence. If you are looking for a cooling upgrade, this roundup will guide… Go To Full Article

Apple iPhone Reviews hit the Web

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Now that the embargo has been lifted on the iPhone, we’ll finally learn whether or not this ‘thing’ is worth all the hype. What will Mossberg, Pogue and the other privileged reviewers have to say about the most anticipated ‘gadget’… Go To Full Article

Mainboard Maker Epox Turns Into Supox

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According to rumours around the Internet, once famous mainboard maker Epox has went out of business and its employees flee to form the new company named Supox. Epox has been struggling to survive for a long time and it is… Go To Full Article

Release date and official launch speeds of AMD Barcelona

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THE FIRST AMD chips using the Barcelona core will be released on September 10th, with the first chips to surface being a 1.9GHz 2348 and a 2GHz 2350. Other chips will follow in October of this year… Go To Full Article

VIA Announces EPIA LT

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VIA today announced the latest addition to its EPIA product lineup – the EPIA LT-series. The new EPIA LT-series arrives in 1.5 GHz and 1.0 GHz models; the EPIA LT15000AG and LT10000EAG. New to the EPIA LT-series is the ability… Go To Full Article

Intel's first SiS-based mini ITX board hits retail

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Intel’s Desktop Board D201GLY mini ITX motherboard has shipped to retailers. The D201GLY features a SiS662 north bridge paired with a SiS964L south bridge and an integrated Celeron 215 processor. Intel clocks the Celeron 215 processor at 1.33 GHz on… Go To Full Article

Always-on PCs waste $500 million a year

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A 1E PC Energy Report says that over 31 million US-based office PCs are left switched on all night, wasting over half a billion dollars a year in energy costs. The report says that there are 104… Go To Full Article

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