Corsair HX750w (750w) ATX PSU I

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After being blown away with the performance of the HX850w back in June it's time to fire up the OC3D load tester once more and see if HX750w can leave an equally good impression. Go To Full Article

Antec Mini P180 Micro-ATX Case Review

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Antec’s Performance One chassis range has evolved greatly over the years from the original P180 which has then taken on a series of updates, revisions and improvements with the latest edition being the P183.Due to these cases being compatible with… Go To Full Article

Titan Fenrir Heatsink

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When it comes to the enthusiast heat sink market there is a short list of manufactures who dominate the industry for the most part. Of course there are many other companies who are fighting for a spot trying to make… Go To Full Article

PS3 Slim Still a Money Loser for Sony

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Sony unveiled the new PS3 Slim officially last week at Gamescom in Germany. The new console was officially announced after months of speculation swirling about not only the slimmer PS3, but a price cut as well. Thankfully, both the price… Go To Full Article

Enterprise SSD Prices Drop by a Third with OCZ's Agility EX Series

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The prices of Solid State Drives using Multi-Level Cell NAND flash have dropped a lot recently. This is mostly due to Intel incorporating flash memory using 34nm technology in its newest generation of X25-M SSDs. This process was first introduced… Go To Full Article

Intel: Demand for Microprocessors, Chipsets Increasing

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Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors and supporting chips, on Monday said that demand for its products is increasing and the company will post higher revenue than expected previously. This may be a good news not only for… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.6): Another Inexpensive LGA1366 Mainboard

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In the latest LGA1366 mainboard reviews we have little by little moved over to discussing less mainboard models. First of all the manufacturers try to roll out top solutions with maximum functionality. It is always especially interesting to review flagship… Go To Full Article

Concrete Slab water cooler loop

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Well the slab gets poured on Wednesday so I thought I would sink 6 meters of copper pipe in the slab so that I can run my water loop through it when the house is finished. I hope to have… Go To Full Article

Cheap Desktop Cable Management

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I recently found a nifty solution for the crippling problem of cable management. It might not be suitable for super computers but it does work for my desk. It was built by screwing Ikea Antonius coat hangers… Go To Full Article

Bing + AJAX = Live Search

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