Three Geforce GTX 280 cooled with LN2 and Overclocked

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Numbers speak for themselves I think ..I pushed a bit harder on some tests than others due to time limits this past week, but still managed some pretty nice numbers benching on my own again. So much easier to bench… Go To Full Article

Radeon 4850 briefly on sale, more specs revealed

@ 2008/06/16 read/post comments(0) accidentally put AMD’s upcoming Radeon 4850 graphics cards on sale earlier today and thanks to Google’s page cache we now have a confirmation of a few more technical specifications of the graphics card as well as its price: $199.99.… Go To Full Article

Leather Keyboard Mod

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The Japanese artist, Kazuharu Sakura, has introduced a new handmade keyboard… made of leather! Go To Full Article

Intel Responds to AMD, NVIDIA USB 3.0 Allegations

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Knupffer points out that Intel is not developing the USB 3.0 specification. What Intel is developing is the host controller spec which Knupffer describes as a “Dummies Guide” to building a USB 3.0 compatible piece of silicon. … Go To Full Article

NVIDIA launches GTX 280 and GTX 260 , reviews inside

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On of the hottest VGA cards on the market has been released, is the GTX 280 the card the 9800 GTX was supposed to be? I'll let you find out: PR: PR:… Go To Full Article

Ready for 300W, Three-Slot Graphics Cards?

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Tired of two-slot graphics cards dominating your system internals? Bad news, then: the PCI Express SIG is preparing for three-slot graphics cards that may consume up to 300 watts just by themselves. The PCI Special Interest Group… Go To Full Article

Intel to launch lower price quad-core CPU

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ntel is planning to launch a Core 2 Quad Q8000 CPU series, offering entry-level prices to counter AMD's triple-core CPUs in the mainstream market, according to sources at motherboard makers. Intel will launch the Core 2 Quad… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Dictates Advertised Video Card Pricing

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NVIDIA Dictates Advertised Video Card Pricing - If you are wondering why your GeForce purchasing experience has changed and why we have seen all cards priced the same or not priced at all, we have some answers for you on… Go To Full Article

A 30-Picowatt Processor For Sensors

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University of Michigan (U-M) researchers have developed an ultra low power microchip which 'uses 30,000 times less power in sleep mode and 10 times less in active mode than comparable chips now on the market.' It only consumes 30 picowatts… Go To Full Article

AMD Denies Cancellation of New-Generation Dual-Core Chips

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“The speculation is completely untrue. We’re still on track to launch a dual-core – code-named Kuma – part in the second half of 2008. It will be [made using] 65nm [process technology], still be based on the ‘Stars’ core. So,… Go To Full Article

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