[M] Xigmatek HDT-S1283 and Red Scorpion CPU Coolers Review

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Two HeatpipeDirectTouch CPU Coolers from Xigmatek duke it our in this review. We compare the performance of these enthusiast heatsinks to the best out there to see how they compare. Available for a budget friendly price can they deliver the… Go To Full Article

Hardware Reviews Roundup 15/5

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- Asus Striker II Extreme DDR-3 board - ASRock Penryn1600SLIX3-Wifi Motherboard Review - Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR2-1142 Dual Channel Memory Kit Review - Asus…

MSI Launches the MSI N9600GSO-T2D384-OC graphics card

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MSI unveils the MSI N9600GSO-T2D384-OC graphics card based on the latest NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO GPU. The MSI N9600GSO-T2D384-OC offers a powerful entertainment experience designed for extreme high-definition gaming and video playback. The MSI N9600GSO-T2D384-OC is equipped with the special… Go To Full Article

[M] MSI Contest Pre-selection finished

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Find out who won in the link below! Go To Full Article

LEADTEK Launches“VIVA EURO 2008”Lucky Draw to Offer More Than 400 Prizes!

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LEADTEK Launches “VIVA EURO 2008” Lucky Draw to Offer More Than 400 Prizes Multimedia Communications Solutions Leader offers customers the great opportunity to win the amazing prizes Taipei, Taiwan, May 14th, 2008: LEADTEK Research Inc., a… Go To Full Article

[M] GeForce 9800 GTX Extreme Overclocking Experiment

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The GeForce 9800 GTX product was received with mixed feelings; on the one hand you had an affordable high end VGA solution, but on the other hand it was not much of improvement over the 8800 GTX. One area where… Go To Full Article

Sun expands its AMD quad-core server portfolio

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Sun Microsystems today announced the launch of several server products based on AMD's quad-core Opteron CPUs, the product of what Sun is calling today an extensive collaboration between the two manufacturers. The three main products in today's… Go To Full Article

Mario Rivas leaves AMD

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THE LATEST WORD from AMD central is that Mario Rivas, Executive VP, Computing Products Group, is no longer at the company. It seems the leaving was not his idea. At this point, one has to question if… Go To Full Article

AMD's K10: a "dead" product or not?

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A few years ago it was fashionable to bash Intel's Pentium 4 as a braindead architecture. The fact that the Pentium 4 Northwood (533 MHz FSB) was the best performing processor from mid 2002 until late 2003 in many applications,… Go To Full Article

Toshiba wants half of SSD market

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The Japanese company, which has put together a totally new team to develop the up-and-coming storage technology, reckons that very few competing companies can keep up when it comes to SSDs. SSD drives, which are currently salary-sappingly… Go To Full Article

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