MSI P6N-Diamond Motherboard Review

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In the past Nvidia have produced some of the best enthusiast chipsets around, most notably perhaps their nForce 4 for the old AMD 939 systems. Still, times have changed now and for quite a while Intel's 965P and 975P based… Go To Full Article

Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme CPU Cooler Review

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Today we take the new Thermalright Ultra-120 extreme more exactly under the magnifying glass. The Ultra-120 extreme is thereby the first new publication of the summer product offensive of Thermalright. As the name lets assume, it concerns one purposefully improved… Go To Full Article

Eagle Tech Computers D-Series External Storage System Review

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This review will take a look at an interesting new enclosure from Eagle Tech Computers. Their D-Series External Storage System, model ET-CSDU2F-BK, supports two SATA hard drive (with capacities up to 750GB each) in either a RAID 0 or JBOD… Go To Full Article

Nesteq Nova 600W External PSU Review

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t's a great looking and innovative product with so much potential, that actually works silently rather than just claiming it on the packaging like so many others. But unfortunately there was a complete lacking in attention to detail: the PSU… Go To Full Article

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Public Beta

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As promised, beta 2 for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is now publicly available for download at FilePlanet. This new beta includes a new map, support for offline play against bots, Punkbuster support, LAN game support, player stats and leaderboards, and… Go To Full Article

Western Digital launches 2TB MyBook Pro

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After an update from 1TB to 1.5TB, a couple of months ago, is the MyBook Pro ready for his next update. The 2GB version enables the user to use its full capacity to store all kinds of data, or use… Go To Full Article

NEC and Hitachi team to water-cool hard drives

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Score one for water-cooling fanatics. NEC and Hitachi just announced a partnership focused on developing a liquid cooling system for hard drives. Let's take a look at how liquid cooling typically works, why it's attractive, and how Hitachi and NEC… Go To Full Article

Intel Wolfdale and Yorkfield launch clocks revealed

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Wolfdale is a dual-core, single-die processor core with integrated 6MB of L2 cache, and the clock-speeds in play are 2.33 and 2.66GHz. Since these rely on the 1.33GHz FSB,the multiplier is set at 7x333 for the 2.33GHz part and 8x333… Go To Full Article

Flying Saucers Go Into Production

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US company Moller International has begun to manufacture parts for its Jetsons-like personal flying pod, the M200G Volantor.The M200G is the size of a small car and is designed to take off and land vertically. Go To Full Article

Point and click Gmail hacking at Black Hat

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The attack is actually quite simple. First Graham needs to be able to sniff data packets and in our case the open Wi-Fi network at the convention fulfilled that requirement. He then ran Ferret to copy all the cookies flying… Go To Full Article

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