Buy the Orange Box and play TF 2 beta

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Valve has announced that those who pre-purchase the Orange Box over Steam will get the Team Fortress 2 beta next week, on September 17. The price is 10% lower if you pre-order it on the Steam, so the Orange box… Go To Full Article

Sony thumbs nose at Samsung, confirms OLED TVs by December

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Surely you remember Sony's OLED TVs with an astounding 1,000,000:1 contrast? Good, then you'll also recall that Sony promised the 3-fracking-mm thin, 11-incher this year; a schedule Samsung publicly doubted. While we wish it was 27- or even 30-inches, it's… Go To Full Article

Lucasfilm's Datacenter To Use Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors

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Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors To Play a Lead Role In Lucasfilm's Datacenter — AMD and Lucasfilm share vision for breakthroughs in energy-efficient digital production of movies, TV, and interactive gaming — San Francisco, Calif.… Go To Full Article

AMD Gains Ground in CPU Market

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AMD in the second quarter of 2007 gained 2.5 percentage points compared to the first quarter to take a 13.4% share of overall CPU revenues. The overall CPU market consists of RISC and general-purpose devices, as well as the x86-type… Go To Full Article

Spammers launch denial of service attacks against antispam sites

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SpamNation believes that the denial of service attacks are being launched by the Zhelatin gang, the same group that is thought to be behind the rapidly growing Storm worm botnet. According to SpamNation, the botnet operators are selling denial of… Go To Full Article

CRT Monitors Dying Off As LG, Samsung Mull Exit

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The CRT monitor continues to die off, according to market figures released last week by DisplaySearch. In a related report, both LG and Samsung are considering pulling out of CRT displays. The analyst firm found that of the 45.4 million… Go To Full Article

AMD Promises 2.5GHz Quad-Core Microprocessors in December

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Advanced Micro Devices said during the formal unveiling of its quad-core server microprocessors that it would introduce 25% faster versions of the chip in about two months time. The move will allow the world’s second largest chipmaker not only to… Go To Full Article

Microsoft: Vista's 'Black Screen of Death' Is a Hoax

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Has Microsoft adopted an even tougher stance on piracy? According to recent e-mails warning of new, harsher anti-piracy measures in Windows Vista, that was believed to be the case. Australian PC World printed an e-mail Tuesday it says was sent… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom FX80 to ship in late October

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Our sources have confirmed that AMD plans to unveil the first Phenom FX80 in late October time. The shipping version will likely be the same revision as the currently shipping K10 Opterons and some other sources claim that this part… Go To Full Article

BioShock sequel confirmed

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Take-Two Interactive confirmed that plans for a sequel for the successful “BioShock” video game are already on the drawing board for a future game release. In response to a question during a recent investor conference call, Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick… Go To Full Article

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