Inside Newegg NJ: A New Warehouse

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The NJ warehouse, just like the one I toured in LA, has product segregated into three areas: high value items, large items and everything else. Items like CPUs and memory, expensive products that can easily grow feet and walk away… Go To Full Article

Benchmarks of MSI Wind PC spotted

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MSI Wind PC compared to a desktop system as well as Asus EEE PC and Sony VAIO in a set of different benchmarks; interesting performance numbers from this Intel Atom @ 1.33Ghz Powered system Go To Full Article

OCZ Flex II - Life at 1200MHz

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We also had success with running this kit at low voltages up to DDR2-900 (1.7V at 5-4-4-10), but will save those results and others for the roundup. Today’s preview will just answer the maximum clock question and ensure that OCZ’s… Go To Full Article

[M] Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 OC: AIR vs Phase vs LN2 Cooling

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The Intel E8500 is the highest end dual core CPU currently on the market, it doesn't get any faster than this… or does it? In this Overclocking report we take a retail E8500 sample for a spin with high end… Go To Full Article

Jetway JNC62K mini-ITX motherboard

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At under £90 including VAT, the board is certainly good value for its size and niche appeal. A good mini-ITX board can easily set you back £150, and usually an Intel mini-ITX board will need to add the cost of… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 - Budget Penryn

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The original Core 2 Duo based on Conroe architecture had 2MB of shared Level 2 cache. Whole Penryn based CPUs came with 6MB. This is a huge jump in size, but what about a cheaper option? Well, Intel has now… Go To Full Article

Noctua NH-C12P Heatsink Review

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In this review Frostytech is testing out Noctua's new NH-C12P heatsink. The NH-C12P comes bundled with Noctua's 120mm NF-P12 fan. Tower heatsinks may offer the best performance of any heatsink style, but many computer cases can't accommodate +140mm CPU cooler… Go To Full Article

Dynex 400 W Power Supply Review

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Dynex and Rocketfish are two brands owned by Best Buy sold only on their chain of retail stores (and also on their website, of course). Today we are going to review Dynex 400 W, which is a relabeled Huntkey Green… Go To Full Article

Hiper Osiris ATX Case

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It is said Osiris is the Lord of the Overworld. We investigate to see if the new case from Hiper is worthy of such a title or simply 'lording it up'. Go To Full Article

Intel P45 chipset - ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard preview

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One area where P45 does get a boost is in PCI Express support, with PCI Express 2.0 functionality added to the mix to double the available bandwidth per lane for compliant devices. Also added is the ability to run two… Go To Full Article

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