Investigating EPP Memory and how it works

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I've been asked a few questions on how EPP works before, and was sadly unable to really give any comments on it, due to lack of experience. Now that I have a memory kit and a motherboard that both support… Go To Full Article

HIS X1550 IceQ Motherboard

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HIS has put together another package that triumphs over the other two X1550s Overclockers Online has looked at in the past. The card balances great performance to price and noise level. The only hurting factor has to… Go To Full Article

ECS NF650iSLIT-A (V1.0) Motherboard

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Thinking about upgrading, but on a budget? Well I may have the solution for you! We've been hearing wonderful things about the Nvidia 650i chipset, and ECS has sent me over their latest motherboard based on the 650i chipset,the ECS… Go To Full Article

Mobile Edge Alienware Odyssey Carrying Case

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Mobile Edge provides carrying cases for all computer users on the go. Their goal is to make stylish bags for him and her. They are also the ones that designed the Alienware laptop bags. I was sent the… Go To Full Article

[M] Let Mine Be Yours - Scythe CPU Cooler Movie Part 1

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In cooperation with Scythe the Madshrimps organized a MAD give-away of five Mine CPU Coolers. We didn't simply give them away though, we dropped by personally to deliver and install them and now we report back with… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 2900 XT spotted in shop for €353

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For €353 it's certainly not a bad deal, the Jetway HD 2900 XT @ DollarShops should be faster than the Geforce 8800 GTS 640Mb which also sells for ~€350.

NZXT Duet Case

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Today, we will be delving deep into the world of the home theater PC (or HTPC) by reviewing a case from NZXT intended for that very purpose: the Duet. Will it allow us to watch our archived episodes of Mystery… Go To Full Article

AMD Promises Open Source Graphics Drivers

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Henri Richard, AMD's VP of sales, has promised to deliver open-source drivers for ATI graphics cards (recently acquired by AMD) at the recent Red Hat Summit. A series of good news for proponents of open-source device drivers. In the last… Go To Full Article

Computer Chair Buying Guide

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These days people spend more and more time on a chair. If you spend hours each day sitting at a desk and using a computer having a comfortable and supportive office chair is crucial. Life of modern man has been… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte P35-DS3R Intel Bearlake Motherboard

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The overclocking on this board, factoring in the fact this is is a value-for-money variant series, is nothing short of stunning, Without any mods at all to the motherboard, it went to a sky-high FSB of 575MHz!! That's on a… Go To Full Article

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