One Billion Transistors!

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The upcoming GeForce GTX 260/280 GPUs are based on the GT200 (NV60) core and will be built using a 65 nm manufacturing process at TSMC. However, we heard that not many chips will actually fit on a 300 mm wafer,… Go To Full Article

40 percent of Intel’s Q4 CPUs to be 65nm

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Transitions are a nasty thing as they usually take time and Intel is not an exception. In Q4 2008 Intel still plans that 40 percent of its consumer CPUs will still be based on the obsolete 65nm production. Go To Full Article

Kingston Technology Releases High-Performance 800MHz HyperX FB-DIMMs

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Kingston Technology Releases High-Performance 800MHz HyperX FB-DIMMs for Intel Skulltrail Extreme Platform Low-Latency Memory Kits Ready for High-End Workstation, Server Implementation London, UK - (6th May, 2008) -- Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent… Go To Full Article

Intel updates Centrino 2 CPU pricing

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Intel has set the pricing for six 45nm dual-core notebook CPUs it is planning to launch in late June along with its Centrino 2 notebook platform, according to sources at notebook makers. The CPUs will have model… Go To Full Article

Customers Switch to Cost-Effective Graphics Cards in Q1 2008

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After record fourth quarter and unprecedented demand for discrete graphics cards late in 2007, supplies of add-in graphics boards collapsed in Q1 2008, data released by Jon Peddie Research reveal. Perhaps, more importantly, average selling price per graphics card also… Go To Full Article

ASUS Coolers Tested: Triton 77, Silent Knight II and Silent Square EVO

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Today we are going to review three coolers from ASUSTeK Company: two enhanced modifications of the existing cooler models and one absolutely new solution. Read our review for details! Go To Full Article

[M] Passive CPU Coolers ShoutOut: CM Z600 vs Scythe Ninja CU

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In this comparative performance test we put two 1000gr+ CPU coolers through our stress tests to see which one comes out on top. Both are designed for passive cooling but can benefit from a bit of forced airflow too. How… Go To Full Article

Triple SLI: AMD or Intel?

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nVidia been on Intel\'s case by very strongly voicing their opinions on how a better GPU adds more value that a better CPU. This could be true for certain things on a low to medium end setup but for enthusiast… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake DuOrb CL-G0102 VGA Cooler Review

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With GPU's raising the bar in terms of performance and heat output with every generation, aftermarket cooling is taking a larger role in today's high performance gaming systems. Today we take a look at Thermaltake's DuOrb CL-G0102. Does the DuOrb… Go To Full Article

Chaintech GeForce 9600GT OC 512MB

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Chaintech have really expanded from the line of graphics cards, now doing products like memory and flash products as well. What they no longer do however are motherboards. It wasn’t all that long ago we were impressed with fancy cooling… Go To Full Article

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