2008: A Repeat Year? . . .

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Today, I think Intel really wants to kill AMD because the only way they'll ever get back to high profits is by doing just that, and if they're going to get antitrust hell anyway, better that they pay any award… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 8800M GTX primed for notebook market

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The 8800M GTX will come to market with 512MB of video memory, but there is going to be a 256MB part as well. Since the total TDP of this module is set at 35W, Nvidians downclocked the… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA 8800GT with 512MB will sell for €250

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We have confirmed that Nvidia will price its Geforce 8800GT cards at €250 and there should be many overclocked and reference cards to pick from. Some overclocked cards might end up even more expensive but the suggested retail price for… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 quad QX9650 to cost $999

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Intel plans to launch QX9650 on the 12th of November and this 3GHz quad core with 12MB of cache and FSB 1333 will cost $999 at launch. This is not the end as a January part QX9770, Intel’s first FSB… Go To Full Article

Kingwin ABT-800MA1S Mach 1 800w PSU

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There are a lot of things to like about the Kingwin from its excellent modular connectors, to its extremely quiet operation to its very beneficial 12v rail arrangement. However, the unit gives us some reasons to be concerned about it… Go To Full Article

Intel and Transmeta Kiss and Make Up

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Share prices of Transmeta more than tripled following a ground-shaking settlement with CPU market leader Intel. Intel has just agreed to a $250 million USD settlement with Transmeta, perhaps the biggest financial event in Transmeta's rocky history. … Go To Full Article

Matrox Claims Low Power with Five Years Old Technology

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Matrox Graphics, a supplier of graphics solutions for niche markets, this month quietly unveiled its new lineup of graphics cards that can boast with fanless cooling system and low power consumption. Unfortunately, the new Matrox Millennium P690-series graphics boards are… Go To Full Article

AMD’s SB700 I/O Controller HyperFlash, Infrared Port, Trust Platform Module

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Perhaps, ATI Technologies, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices and former designer of chipsets that are now sold under AMD brand-name, was not keen on development of high-end core-logic sets with innovative functionality. However, with the new SB700, which… Go To Full Article

Patriot PC3-15000 DDR3 1866MHz 2GB RAM Kit

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Patriot's Extreme Performance Low Latency line is engineered to expand your gaming options with modules designed to operate at 1866MHz with astonishing low 8-8-8-24 timings. The Patriot High-Speed DDR3 1866MHz PDC32G1866LLK 2GB RAM kit Benchmark Reviews has tested is equipped… Go To Full Article

Enzotech CPU Water Block SCW-1 Sapphire

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Today, we must get the SCW-1 Sapphire CPU water cooler from the house of Enzo Tech. Dieser Hersteller ist in Deutschland noch recht unbekannt, das soll sich aber in der nächsten Zeit schnell ändern. The German manufacturer is still quite… Go To Full Article

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