hermaltake Spedo Advance Chassis

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It has been a while since last looking at a Thermaltake chassis at Phoronix, but today we have our hands on the Spedo Advance Chassis. This full tower chassis is made of SECC steel and has seven 5.25" drive bays,… Go To Full Article

TFC Triebwerk: The ultimate radiator fan?

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PCGH got the first concept pictures of the TFC Triebwerk. This fan is intended to be used on the radiators of water cooling systems and is developed by The Feser Company and Noiseblocker. Go To Full Article

Aplus announces CS-EL Diablo Advance ATX Case

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Aplus announces CS-EL Diablo Advance ATX Case The long wait is coming to an end - under its own brand of Aplus the company MaxPoint presents the devilish beautiful follow-up model of the very successful…

USB 3.0 promises 10x speed increase

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The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has unveiled full specifications for the next-generation USB 3.0, or SuperSpeed, interface standard that is expected to make a splash in the coming years. Promoters expect USB 3.0 to be up to… Go To Full Article

Phenom hits 2,8GHz NB frequency

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Not many of you are overclocking the Phenom processor, I'm sure, and even less of you are able to clock the NB frequency over 2.5GHz, which is considered thé barrier to break. Surprisingly, I came across a processor which does… Go To Full Article

DFI launches their first X58 motherboard : the DFI UT X58-T3eH8

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DFI, Taipei, November 17, 2008-Brand New CPU Core i7 and chipset X58 of Intel will formally enter market this month. LANParty (DFI), famed for developing motherboards with high performance, also launches a corresponding product, “UT X58-T3eH8”. …

Danamics LM10 Liquid Metal Cooler Available for PreOrder

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The worlds first commercially available liquid metal based CPU cooler! Liquid Metal has numerous key advantages compared to competing technologies, such as water-cooling or traditional air cooling. Danamics LM10 is the world’s best performing air-cooler. By utilizing the unique properties… Go To Full Article

Speedy 45nm 'Pentiums' to storm sub-$100 market

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Right now, Intel's cheapest processor based on the 45nm Penryn architecture is the $83 Pentium E5200. Think of this chip as a Core 2 Duo with less cache and a slower front-side bus. According to DailyTech, Intel will cut that… Go To Full Article

HD 4830 crossfire wipes out GTX 280

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WHAT IF YOU could build a really cheap setup that wiped the floor with a GTX 280. That’s what Hexus did with two Sapphire HD 4830s. The 4830s pull ahead of the mighty GTX 280 in most multi-GPU friendly games,… Go To Full Article

AVG offers infected users free year of service

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AVG ANNOUNCED yesterday that it would be offering a free year of service after its antivirus software got confused and misidentified a key Windows system file as malware. The security vendor identified earlier this week that user32.dll… Go To Full Article

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