Cooler Master Launches a Different Dual-Fin CPU Cooler - Hyper 212

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Cooler Master Launches a Different Dual-Fin CPU Cooler - Hyper 212 Superior Cooling Performance for Intel® and AMD® CPUs from Cooler Master Taipei, Taiwan – September 26, 2007 - Cooler Master is proud to… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Quadro FX 5600 and Nvidia Quadro FX 4600: New Leaders in Professional Graphics

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Today we are going to talk about those graphics solutions that are targeted not for games but for professional work. Our testlab received new Nvidia Quadro graphics solutions built on the company’s latest G80 GPU. Go To Full Article

AMD Says ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro – Limited Edition Product

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will serve performance-mainstream market. While the new boards seem to offer decent performance, they will be available for a limited time in limited quantities. Still, the new products will inevitably slowdown the possible demand towards dual-chip graphics gars from AMD’s… Go To Full Article

AMD Unveils Second “Black Edition” Microprocessor for Enthusiasts

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Advanced Micro Devices has announced its new central processing unit (CPU) that is officially aimed at enthusiasts and gamers who dare to overclock and tweak their systems. The new processor from the Black Edition lineup comes with unlocked multiplier, which… Go To Full Article

Confirmed Min Specs for Hellgate: London

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Noticed the Hellgate: London theme on the site yet? That's because we're having a special day for this game and we'll be giving you some hot scoops and info throughout the day. First up, though, is the exclusive confirmation of… Go To Full Article

Seasonic X900 SS-900HP 900w PSU

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Seasonic have always been known for their high-end range of silent PSU's. Will their latest 900w beast - the X900 unit live up to their reputation and our expectations? Go To Full Article

Cooler Master CM 690 Case Review

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Never waiting a single moment to cool their heels, CoolerMaster has unleashed a brand new monster of a mid tower. Their latest offering, the CM 690, is a veritable smorgasbord of features that many of the more… Go To Full Article

Zalman ZM-GWB 8800 Ultra/GTX Water Block

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If a high-end GPU and associated components are to be run at modest temperatures, either for their own long-term wellbeing, or to provide some degree of overhead for overclocking or over-volting, there is only one solution: water-cooling. In this regard,… Go To Full Article

Corsair DOMINATOR TWIN3X2048-1800C7 DDR3

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Today I am reviewing a high-end DDR3 memory kit from Corsair: the TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G DDR3 1800 MHz CAS DOMINATOR (I challenge anyone to say that really fast three times), from now on called the DOMINATOR Twin3X2048-1800C7D. While the highest official… Go To Full Article

Zalman VF-1000 LED and ZM-RHS88 VGA Heatsink Review

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Since today's graphics processors are the hottest ever, we are seeing heavier and more robust stock coolers to accompany them. While these stock coolers are much better than the previous generations, they are still only barely adequate to deal with… Go To Full Article

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