Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler Review

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It’s compatible with some of the latest VGA products on the market from both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA. What is so cool about it? It has two 80mm fans. It’s made of copper. It has nice blue LEDS. It provides support… Go To Full Article

ThermalTake Armor JR Case Review

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With this case it is easy to see why ThermalTake has so many awards. From the tool-less design to the space saving hard drive cages to the abundant cooling options. The build itself was easy and straightforward, once fully assembled… Go To Full Article

ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU Cooler

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The ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 shows us a different style right off the bat with its black finish on the cooling fins. Using a 120mm fan coupled with a heatpipe design, we should see some pretty decent numbers produced by the… Go To Full Article

Mythbuntu 7.10 hits 20,000 downloads in one week

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Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative focused upon setting up a standalone MythTV system similar to Knoppmyth or Mythdora. You can install it either as a stand alone Frontend, Backend, or combination machines. It is also easy to convert any Ed/K/Ubuntu… Go To Full Article

SlySoft claims to have cracked BluRay BD+

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We haven't broken down the minutes and seconds or anything, but we're fairly certain that July 10th wasn't exactly ten years ago. Nevertheless, the so-called "impenetrable" BD+ DRM scheme has reportedly already been subverted, and it's no shock to hear… Go To Full Article

New 8800 GTS 640Mb to come soon

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We have confirmed that Nvidia plans to re launch Geforce 8800GTS cards based on D8P/G92 chip. This mean that the new old 8800GTS card will have 256 bit memory interface but still it should end up faster than its presessor. Go To Full Article

Nvidia stocks are 15% down

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We've seen that Nvidia launched one of its best products so far branded as 8800GT but the wall street is concerned about something completely different. In five working days Nvidia dropped from almost $40 to a current $33.59 Go To Full Article

Crysis has gone Gold, release scheduled for 16/11

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Electronic Arts and Crytek Studios have announced that Crysis, the same one we talked about for past few months if not years, has gone Gold. If we put those few problems, like lack of SLI and Vista loving "very high"… Go To Full Article

Toshiba HD-A2 Listed at $197.99 at Circuit City, Best Buy Likely Follow

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Toshiba’s and Wal Mart’s campaign to sell entry-level HD DVD players for as low as $198 may not be limited only to the particular retail stores chain, but may turn out to be a regular price-cut with huge publicity. If… Go To Full Article

Phantasmic Case Modification Guide

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We continue our Phantasmic Case Modification in this guide where we add a lot of detail and show you how to apply special paints, special effects, and even case window etching. The end result in part two is a great… Go To Full Article

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