AMD sold piece of Dresden FAB

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The sources close to tooling manufactures are whispering aroud that AMD already closed the deal with somebody at east and that DAMIT already sold a piece of the FAB in Dresden. AMD desperately needs cash and by selling the old… Go To Full Article

LaCie ups external storage size to 5 Terabyte

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Hardware maker LaCie has released a five disk RAID with a capacity of 5 TB. Dubbed the "S2S", the machine uses a three Gb/s SATA interface. It claims that it can manage burst data transfer rates of more than 200… Go To Full Article

AMD has 1.5 billion in the pocket

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AMD closed its offer of 1.5 bilion aggregate principal amount of 5.75% Convertible Senior Notes that are due 2012. AMD received net proceeds from the offering of approximately $1.48 billion and this will be just about enough to fully repay… Go To Full Article

AMD K10 Barcelona still not fully ready

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Sources close to AMD and the people that live from these CPUs have confirmed that Barcelona CPUs are still far away. They don’t expect them before Q4 at least nothing with serious clocks. A few websites reported that K10 will… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 2900 Pro GPU at 600Mhz, 512Mb GDDR3

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ATI’s new mainstream card Radeon HD 2900 PRO powered with R600PRO cut down chip will have the TDP lower than 150W. More important this chip will end up clocked at 600 MHz and will have 512 MB memory with 256… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA to launch Geforce 9800 in November ?

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A few sources have confirmed that Nvidia already sent out an invitation for November launch of G92, the next generation high end card. The big thing about this chip is that it made it at 65 nanometre and that it… Go To Full Article

Intel Larrabee to capture 20+ % discrete in 2008

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Our very informative sources believe that Intel can captured anywhere between 20 to 30 percent of all discrete graphic shipment in 2008. Following our report here, we learned that Intel can sell its graphic to most of the graphic players… Go To Full Article

Why is my Intel CPU Overheating?

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HardOCP got this send it: "We run a PC repair shop. The other day one of our customers brought his PC in and says it keeps rebooting and the CPU temperature is very high. He told us he has always… Go To Full Article

Nvidia reportedly selling 128-bit version GeForce 8400GS chips in China

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A 128-bit version of Nvidia's GeForce 8400GS chip which was not in Nvidia's original roadmaps has recently been reported to have surfaced in the China market, according to sources at graphics card makers. The 128-bit version GeForce… Go To Full Article

XtremeNotebooks launches quad-core Xtreme 917V laptop

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Although being in the presence of a quad-core laptop doesn't have the same allure it did just months ago, packin' a Core 2 Quad processor into a 2.35-inch thick enclosure still manages to get us all hot and bothered (literally,… Go To Full Article

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