Asus P6T-Deluxe X58 Nehalem Motherboard Pictured

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Geforce GTX 55nm scheduled for end of the year

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We've learned that Nvidia is working hard to launch GT200 55nm but this will most certainly won't happen in August or September. Our sources imply that this will take place in Q4 2008. Thermal dissipation is Nvidia's… Go To Full Article

Geforce 9400 GS is 8500 GT with different name tag

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It first launched as 65nm part and it was slowly replaced with 55nm chips. Now Nvidia has a better plan. It wants to rebrand the chip that we knew as Geforce 8500GT and simply sell it as Geforce 9400GS.… Go To Full Article

MSI Wind Battery Upgrade Coming

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MSI's Wind netbook will finally be available with a 5200mAh 6-cell battery in late September. However, if you've already got a Wind with a 3-cell battery and you'd like to more juice, you'll have to wait a… Go To Full Article

The Windows 7 Team Is 1000 Men Strong

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There’s a lot to building an org structure for a large team, but the most important part is planning the work of the team. This planning is integral to realizing our goal of improving the overall consistency and “togetherness” for… Go To Full Article

Kingwin ABT-1220MA1S Mach 1 Power Supply

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Like the last time we reviewed a Kingwin Mach1 there are a lot of things to like about the KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-1220MA1S from its excellent modular connectors, to its extremely quiet operation to its very beneficial 12v rail arrangement.… Go To Full Article

Google Bets Big on Geothermal with $10M USD Investment

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The world of alternative energy is a confusing one filled with choices. There's nuclear, solar, wind, and biofuels (such as algae). Each technology has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. One technology that's too often forgotten in… Go To Full Article

Force 3D Radeon HD 4870 Vs. Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 Review

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It has been a traditional assumption that the monitor and system case should be priced comparably. However, the arrival of expensive processors and graphics accelerators made this statement very doubtful. Today we are going to check how well 300-dollar graphics… Go To Full Article

Intel Unveils Desktop Motherboard for Nettops.

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Offering more choice to entry-level desktop PC users, Intel Corporation today showcased a new desktop motherboard that packs a powerful price-performance value proposition. Running on the newly released 45nm dual-core Intel Atom Processor 330, the Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2 “Essential… Go To Full Article

Intel SSD plans outlined

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Two models, the X18-M and X25-M, will be available in 1.8" and 2.5" form factors, respectively, and will be targeted at consumer laptops and desktops. These drives are based on multi-level cell (or MLC) flash technology, and Intel plans to… Go To Full Article

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