Geforce 181.20 WHQL Tested

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Nvidia’s Geforce 181.20 WHQL driver has been available for some time now. PC Games Hardware compared the performance of this piece of software with the predecessors Geforce 180.87 Beta and Geforce 180.48 WHQL. Go To Full Article

VapoChill LS Overclocks Phenom II to 4.3Ghz

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Booting the Vapochill LS after all these years certainly brought a smile to our faces, and we definitely feel that it can breathe some life into just about any processor. Through excellent condensation prevention measures and new socket kits, Asetek… Go To Full Article

Details of Intel’s 5-Series Chipset Lineup

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Now faced with delays, Intel's upcoming Ibex-Peak platform, a next-generation mainstream implementation of the Nehalem architecture, is an interesting mix of technologies, where Intel seeks to minimise the platform and energy footprints while delivering value and performance though a clever… Go To Full Article

Why Google Employees Quit

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We’ve been forwarded what appears to be authentic posts to the thread by a number of ex-Googlers, which we reprint below minus identifying information other than their first names. The thread shows a brutal honesty about what it’s like to… Go To Full Article

Intel Plans 160-Gbyte SSDs for Notebooks

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Intel plans to ship a 160-Gbyte 2.5-inch solid-state disc drive (SSD)in a month's time, company executives plan to announce at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday. Intel plans to launch the X-18M and the X-25M SSDs for… Go To Full Article

Wikipedia Beefs Up for Multimedia Storage... 48TB of DATA

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Wikipedia has since scaled up from 2TB to 24TB and now 48TB of storage for its primary medial file server, and recently raised file upload limits from 20MB to 100MB. The amount of storage actually being used is about 5TB… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GT300 with DirectX 11 from Q4/2009

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Several days ago Nvidia presented the first refresh of its current flagship GT200. This will be followed by the first GT200-based branches in 40 nm technique this year. What will come next was only speculations yet. Directly from Nvidia… Go To Full Article

Disable the Mouse Drag Window Arranging Feature in Windows 7

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One of the hot new features in Windows 7 is the improved window management functions… you can simply drag a window to the top or sides of the screen, and it will be maximized or resized to take up only… Go To Full Article

Mysterious RV790 approaching

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The chip known as RV790 has been a bit hard to confirm. Inconclusive information has been posted, but they have not revealed much about the card itself. We still don't have any exact specifications to share, except for the obvious… Go To Full Article

Intel cuts Core 2, Pentium prices

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Confirming our source's information from last week, Intel has quietly adjusted pricing for its Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, and Pentium processors—and the changes make some Core 2 Quad processors quite considerably cheaper. Here's the meaty part of the… Go To Full Article

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