Super Talent Releases New Upgrade SSDs for Dell Inspiron Mini 9

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Super Talent Releases New Upgrade SSDs for Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Double Wide Half Mini 2 PCIe SSD Delivers up to 128GB Capacity and 80MB/s Performance Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 Hard Drive and SSD Performance Analyzed

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Windows 7 is undoubtedly the most exciting new operating system to come out of Microsoft within the past decade--and with good reason. The user interface is superb, gone are many of the oddball Vista quirks, and the operating system is… Go To Full Article

ASUS Rampage II Gene

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ASUS has built what is likely the ultimate enthusiast board in a Micro ATX form factor. The market for the GENE will be like its footprint, small. That said, you already know if a motherboard like this is of interest… Go To Full Article

Surfing the web with 45-year old modem isn't very speedy

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[phreakmonkey] got his hands on a great piece of old tech. It’s a 1964 Livermore Data Systems Model A Acoustic Coupler Modem. He recieved it in 1989 and recently decided to see if it would actually work. It took some… Go To Full Article

ATI Stream Technology Cuts Video Transcoding Time in Half

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ATI, the graphics division of AMD, has been working to spread its Stream GPGPU technology, which helps speed up applications by exploiting the parallel nature of its GPU products. Since ATI is a part of AMD, Stream has been designed… Go To Full Article

Intel touts 8-core Xeon monster Nehalem-EX

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Wednesday Intel took the wraps off the next iteration of its Xeon server line, the Nehalem EX, which will debut in the second half of this year. Nehalem EX has up to 8 cores, which gives a total of 16… Go To Full Article

Asus dual GTX 285 Single PCB... Overclocked with LN2

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Here is a quick test done without any insulation on the cards, pots around negative 40. CPU running very safe. Done in under 20 mins to avoid… Go To Full Article

Spire goes green, uses environmental "Green" value micro-processor cooler packaging

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Spire goes green, uses environmental "Green" value micro-processor cooler packaging Spire is continuously involved in finding ways to preserve our environment and natural resources. We are proud to introduce the new environmental "Green" value…

Google Ion HTC - cutting edge technology

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We just got our hands on a Google Ion -- which as you can tell is a spitting image of the HTC Magic -- complete with 30 days' worth of T-Mobile service on an included SIM card. It's not a… Go To Full Article

Corsair HX850W Power Supply Review

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The Corsair HX850W represents the newest edition to Corsair's flagship line of power supplies and it along with the TX750W plug the obvious gap that had previously existed. In filling this void Corsair had a lot to live up to… Go To Full Article

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