AMD Prepping Overclocked HD 5970

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AMD will be offering new board spec to AIBs including Dual Cypress XT ultra low leakage GPU’s. One of the first models will be Asus ROG ARES which will feature 850MHz core clock, 1200MHz memory clock and 4GB of GDDR5.… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 5830 Reviews - Slower Than 4890

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DirectX 11 Coming To Browser Games

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Forget Farmville, Flash puzzlers and 8-bit home computer emulators. The next generation of browser games will be able to take advantage of DirectX 11 effects, not to mention multi-core processing and both Havok and PhysX physics effects. A new browser… Go To Full Article

Fewer companies to show up at CeBIT

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Europe's biggest trade show is set to kick off March 2 in Hannover, but it seems the economic recovery hasn't done much to prompt companies to take part. Last year's CeBIT was quite a bit smaller that… Go To Full Article

Automatically Mount and View ISO files in Windows 7 Media Center

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Do you have a hard drive full of ripped movies in ISO file format? Are you looking for an easy way to play them in Windows Media Center? Today we show you how to configure Windows Media Center so you… Go To Full Article

Samsung kicks off production of 40nm 4Gb DDR3 DRAM

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Samsung Electronics is ready to bring mo' RAM to the table as it begun production of a nice 4Gb DDR3 DRAM using the 40nm process technology. This new high-density chip can operate powered at 1.5V or 1.35V, works at up… Go To Full Article

AMD: We Will Not Cut-Down Feature-Set of Opteron “Magny-Cours” Chips

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Advanced Micro Devices said this week that it would not cut-down feature set of its forthcoming AMD Opteron processors code-named Magny-Cours with eight or twelve processing engines. This means that all next-generation multi-core chips from AMD will have the same… Go To Full Article

AMD Readies "Adelaide" Low-Power Server Platform.

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For years Advanced Micro Devices has claimed that its central processing units (CPUs) for servers are more power-efficient compared to rivals from Intel Corp., however, while the latter offered specially-tailored low-power server platforms, AMD only relied onto its energy-efficient chips… Go To Full Article

DUH! News of the Day: Corsair SSD vs. Seagate HDD: Do SSDs Prevail?

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As we've found out over the years, SSDs are great for some things while HDDs are good for others. In a way, we have a polarization on the market - from one side, SSDs offer tangible increase in your work… Go To Full Article

Intel: We Were Hacked Too

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While the hacking of Google was widely publicized, it wasn't the only firm under attack from nefarious groups. In fact, Google said that a supposed twenty other companies were targeted by hackers around the same time that the search giant… Go To Full Article

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